These Cold-weather Essentials Won't Let Frigid Temperatures Stop Your Golf Game

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Stay warm from the first tee to the last putt in this Nike gear.

Last updated: 17 February 2023
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The Best Cold-Weather Golf Gear by Nike

Whether you're taking frosty first swings of the season or playing chilly last rounds in autumn, weather doesn't need to be the culprit behind cancelling a golf game. And with the right Nike gear, it won't.

Shirts with Nike fleece and trousers with Nike Therma-FIT technology (as well as hats and specialised gloves) will keep your body warm and your mind on the game.

Use this guide to find the best cold-weather golf gear from Nike.

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The Best Cold-weather Golf Gear by Nike

Golf Trousers With Nike Therma-FIT

As you move and generate body heat on the golf course, the Nike Therma-FIT technology in these golf trousers retains that heat, helping you stay warm in cold weather. A water-repellent finish will keep you dry in a light rain while also blocking the wind.

These trousers are specifically designed for golf, meaning they feature multiple pockets for your phone, scorecard and tees. And though they feature a tailored look, they're built with stretchy fabric that lets you move and swing without restriction.

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Running Tights for Under Your Slacks

Nike running tights are an ideal layer to add under your golf trousers. They're designed to keep you warm and moving. They're thin enough that they can be worn as a base layer, providing warmth without adding bulk to your outfit.

You can find some tights and leggings that feature Nike Therma-FIT technology, which retains body heat for even more warmth.

Half-zip Tops With Nike Fleece

The Best Cold-Weather Golf Gear by Nike

Aside from a classic polo, nothing says "golf attire" like a quarter-zip or half-zip top. And when they're made from soft Nike fleece, they're ideal for chilly rounds. These tops are lightweight and flexible—allowing a full range of motion for your swing—and they're warm enough to work as your only top layer.

Some feature Nike Therma-FIT technology to retain body heat, while others are infused with Nike Dri-FIT materials, which wick away sweat before it can cool against the skin.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts Made for the Course

The Best Cold-Weather Golf Gear by Nike

Some days are too cold for a golf tee or a polo but too warm for a full-on jacket. Those days are known as jumper weather.

A hoodie might sound out of place for a golf course but Nike golf hoodies are made to look the part on the green. Nike hoodies and golf sweatshirts have a mid-weight knit exterior, but all the comfort, flexibility and performance of a traditional sweatshirt interior.

Many of these sweatshirts feature Nike Dri-FIT Technology to wick away sweat and keep you comfortable during the shoulder seasons. And you can simply slip it off as conditions change.

Full-zip Gilets and Jackets for Ultimate Warmth

The Best Cold-Weather Golf Gear by Nike

If you're committed to golfing on the coldest days, reach for a full-zip Nike jacket or gilet. Then, take it off as the weather warms or if you prefer to swing without a jacket.

These gilets and jackets are made from warm and lightweight Nike Therma-FIT materials, as well as rain-repelling and wind-repelling Nike Storm-FIT technology. That means the elements won't stop you from enjoying your game, feeling comfortable and performing at your best.

If the weather is too cold to take off your gilet or jacket, that's all right. Nike golf gilets are built for full range of motion, while full-sleeved jackets have enough stretch that they won't hold back your swing.

Cushioned Nike Socks

Nike socks are designed to cushion your feet and (most important for chilly golfers) keep them warm. A breathable knit pattern and Nike Dri-FIT Technology keeps feet dry before sweat can turn cold on the skin, while extra cushioning under the heel and forefoot helps reduce foot fatigue as you walk the course.

And best for those chilly days, these socks are warm and cosy, eliminating distraction and discomfort from cold feet as you focus on the next hole.

Warm Gloves for Cold Tee Times

Maintain your grip on your clubs and keep your mind on the game (instead of frozen fingers) with a pair of Nike cold-weather golf gloves. These gloves feature a warm, water-resistant fleece at the back of the hand for insulation, while synthetic suede on the palms provides optimal grip.

You can also choose from a pair of woolly mittens, soft Club Fleece gloves and Nike Therma-FIT gloves to keep the chill off your hands. Many Nike gloves feature touch-screen compatibility, enabling you to use a phone without exposing your fingers.

Or, take a cue from a quarterback: wear a Nike American football hand warmer around your waist to keep your hands warm between swings.

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Nike Beanies and Neck Wraps

Nike beanies are equal parts soft and warm with a blend of yarns that feels cosy and a cuffed design that fits snug on the head. Simple designs let you dress these beanies up or down, making them ideal for thawing out in the clubhouse.

And for those really cold days, slide on a Nike neck warmer. It will help trap body heat while protecting your cheeks and nose from wind and cold. Just pull it up over your face and keep enjoying your round.

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Words by Greg Presto

Originally published: 14 February 2023

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