Trained Podcast: Speak Your Truth With DeMar DeRozan


When DeMar DeRozan reached his breaking point, it helped shatter the stigma around athletes and mental health. Hear how.

Last updated: 29 June 2022
2 min read
NBA Player DeMar DeRozan on Destigmatising Mental Health

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In February of 2018, NBA star DeMar DeRozan shocked the world when he tweeted, "This depression got the best of me". He posted it on impulse, but the effects it had on the stigma surrounding athletes and mental health were far-reaching. On this episode, DeMar joins host Jaclyn Byrer to tell us how owning his depression helped him find relief and influenced the industry to make mental health a higher priority. He also shares the hard-won lessons he learnt during childhood and opens up about getting past losses on the court and the loss of his father. DeMar's willingness to be vulnerable has given him a mental edge in basketball and in life. Now, he's using his platform to encourage other athletes to speak their minds—and to instil self-love, self-awareness and self-confidence in the next generation.

"You only get so long, so you wanna try to leave whatever lasting part of yourself etched in this game".

DeMar DeRozan
Four-time NBA All-Star and member of the Chicago Bulls

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Originally published: 24 March 2022

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