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Kerolin Nicoli

Faced with the possibility of never being able to play football again, Kerolin rose against the odds to go pro. Discover her story about how she went from being brilliant in Brazil to a star in the States.

Kerolin Nicoli - Football Stories - Nike

Kerolin Nicoli. Forward, Brazilian. Born: 17 November, 1999.

Kerolin has always loved football, but there was a time when she thought she’d never play the sport again. When she was 11 years old, she felt pain in her right leg. She later learned she had a rare disease causing an infection in her bone. Even after surgery, her doctors still weren’t sure she’d be able to play contact sports like football.

But Kerolin never gave up. She started kicking the ball around with friends to get her skills and strength back. Over time, her leg healed and she was back to playing the game she loved. Kerolin rose in the ranks in the club system in Brazil and eventually her dream came true—she went pro. In 2022, Kerolin joined the North Carolina Courage.

In her first game against NJ/NY Gotham FC, she used every minute to showcase her strength on the pitch. When Kerolin received the ball from her teammate towards the end of the game, she knew she had to take her chance. She ran down the pitch, bypassing three defenders, then WHAM—she kicked the ball with her right foot, slamming it into the goal.

“I have always dedicated myself to achieving great successes in my career.”

— Kerolin Nicoli

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Kerolin Nicoli - Football Stories - Nike

Illustrations by Camila Anselmé.

Originally published: 1 July 2023