Recovery Tips

    Tips and advice on injury prevention and recovery to help you get back to doing what you love.

    The Benefits of Hot and Cold Water Immersion


    Soak Up the Benefits of Hot—and Cold—Water Immersion

    A bath can't replace your workout, but it can boost your performance.

    How Recovery Affects Your Immune System


    How Recovery Affects Your Immune System

    The following steps can help you bounce back from your workouts, and they play a crucial part in your body's ability to stay well.

    How Drinking Affects Muscle Building


    Cheers to Better Recovery?

    Drinking after a workout might slow your normal muscle-building process—unless you do it right. With this guide, now you can.

    4 Keys to Recovery


    The Fundamentals: 4 Keys to Recovery

    Prioritise these simple steps between workouts and you'll be more likely to want to come back for more.

    What is a Massage Gun and Do You Need One?


    What Exactly Is a Massage Gun? And Do You Need One?

    Get the lowdown on the increasingly popular high-tech recovery tool.

    Trained Podcast: Benefits of Physiotherapy


    Trained Podcast: Get Ahead of Setbacks With Vinh Pham

    This physiotherapist's holistic approach to recovery is redefining what smart, safe and lasting movement looks like.

    Recover the Right Way for You


    Recover The Right Way For You

    Fight Soreness with an Epsom Salt Bath


    Fight Soreness with Epsom Salt Baths

    Dietitian-Approved, High-Protein Snacks To Eat After a Workout


    Dietitian-Approved, High-Protein Snacks to Eat After a Workout

    A registered dietitian explains the importance of eating protein after a workout—and suggests some snack ideas, too.

     IT Band Syndrome: What It Is, How to Treat It and Exercises To Avoid

    Sport & Activity

    Everything You Need To Know About IT Band Syndrome, According to Experts

    Feeling a pulling sensation or twinge in the side of your leg and hip? You could be dealing with IT band syndrome.

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