Trained Podcast: Cut the Workout Crap With Ben Bruno


Celebrity trainers can be known for their flashy exercises and gimmicky programmes. Ben Bruno isn't one of them. His humble approach to fitness, here.

Last updated: July 12, 2021
How to Strength Train for Results, According to Trainer Ben Bruno

"Trained" is a podcast exploring the cutting edge of holistic fitness.

Life is full of BS, but fitness shouldn't be. That's why truth-teller and Nike trainer-to-the-stars Ben Bruno is on a mission to clear up misconceptions, like "More is more" and "No days off", and help everyone—including Chelsea Handler and Justin Timberlake—streamline their sweat to get results in the weight room. On this episode of Trained, the Columbia grad and self-proclaimed "meathead" talks to host Ryan Flaherty, Nike senior director of performance, about how a bad back launched his training career, what he's learnt from working with Hollywood's finest and why some of us may want to break up with burpees (we said "some"!). He also details his super-simple method—which involves repeating just a handful of exercises, his "KISS" formula and his take on the 80/20 rule—so we can all become Bruno Strong on our own.

"If you're dealing with anger or anxiety, that kind of anxiety feeling where you just feel on edge, there's just something about just beating the sh*t out of yourself in the gym that makes you feel better after".

Ben Bruno

Nike trainer

Have a question about mindset, movement, nutrition, recovery or sleep? Have a suggestion for a guest or topic? Email Flaherty at and he'll see what he can do.

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