Trained Podcast: Fight for Yourself With Nicole Snell


A world's worth of adventure is waiting for you. Self-defence expert Nicole Snell wants you to be prepared.

Last updated: November 4, 2021
2 min read
How to Defend Yourself While Travelling Alone, According to Nicole Snell

Trained is a podcast exploring the cutting edge of holistic fitness.

The fear of taking a solo trip or even just a late-night walk can be very real—especially for women and people of colour. Self-defence expert and Girls Fight Back CEO, Nicole Snell, has had her own share of scary encounters. But through her passion for going it alone, she's also had life-changing and life-affirming experiences. Tapping into hundreds of hours of mental and physical self-defence training, she knows how to spot danger and take control of a rapidly changing situation. Now she's educating others—especially those in BIPOC communities—to do the same. On this episode, she joins host Jaclyn Byrer to break down why self-defence is rarely about eye gouges and groin kicks, explain why you don't need Karate-Kid-level fighting skills to have your own back and give first-hand testimony on why solo travel is totally worth it.

"The world is a great big place, and if we want to go and explore it and see it, there's not anything holding us back from doing that".

Nicole Snell
Self-defence expert and CEO of Girls Fight Back

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