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From the latest sneakers to cosy tracksuit bottoms, these presents are sure to be a hit.

Last updated: 18 September 2023
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The Best Nike Gifts for Kids

From staying on top of the latest toy trends to connecting with a child's evolving interests, finding great gift ideas for kids can be a sport in itself, even for the adults who know them best. To inspire the child in your life to play, express their style and maybe even try something new, this gift guide highlights nine non-toy gifts, including shoes, clothing and sport accessories.

While there's no shame in sending along a gift card for the child who may want to pick out their own gift, the gift ideas below are sure to be a hit with kids of many different interests. Check out these top Nike gift ideas for kids of all ages, from babies and toddlers to tweens.

The 9 best Nike gifts for kids

1. Air Max 270s

For young athletes (or any child who likes a sporty look), the Nike Air Max 270 is designed for excellence on the playground, court or field. The shoe is infused with comfy Max Air cushioning—as seen in a visible airbag in the outsole—that gives extra lift-off with each step. The heel pull tabs on the Air Max 270 make the shoe easy to slip on and off.

The Air Max 270 GO is a version of the shoe that's even easier for children to put on: with a collapsible heel, they can press down into the shoe hands-free, and the heel snaps back into place. For little ones—especially those who aren't tying their shoelaces quite yet—this shoe offers them the independence to easily put on their own shoes. The Air Max 270 comes in many colourways, meaning there might be a pair in their favourite colour, too.

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2. Air Force 1s

Another popular Nike shoe for kids and parents alike, the Nike Air Force 1 has dominated sneaker culture since the 1980s. If the child in your life is a budding sneaker-lover, surprise them with a gift of timeless Nike Air Force 1s.

This shoe has a particularly thick sole, adding extra durability for active kids. You can find these in low-, mid- and high-top varieties, as well as a large range of colours, prints and patterns—from bold and bright colours to classic, all-white leather. The AF-1 comes in a wide range of sizes for the whole family, including the Nike Force 1 Cot for babies.

3. Dunks

Of all the Nike kids' shoes, Nike Dunks may be the most expressive, featuring a bevy of fun, diverse prints and hues to shop from. While these sneakers were originally designed for basketball players, Nike Dunks have transcended the game and become a lifestyle-centric sneaker, with soft suede and durable leather offering softness, durability and comfort.

4. Nike Sportswear hoodies and pullovers

From toddlers to tweens, if there's a gift idea that never gets old, it's a roomy, cosy sweatshirt for school, extracurricular activities and playing at home. Nike Sportswear hoodies and sweatshirts keep little ones toasty in cold months, with many styles featuring a soft fleece inner lining. Shop a variety of colours emblazoned with the Nike Swoosh logo.

5. Hats, visors and headbands

It can be a challenge to track little ones' sizes when they're quickly growing. If you're looking for a one-size, non-toy gift for a child this year, opt for a fun hat. From plush winter beanies to sun-protective bucket hats and caps for outdoor activities, the Nike kids' hat collection includes plenty of options for unique gifts.

Nike buckets hats for babies and toddlers feature a chin strap with an easy hook-and-loop closure so they'll stay put. And many youth caps are adjustable, so kids can customise the size as they grow.

6. Sports balls

While a basketball, football, American football or volleyball may not be the most inconspicuous gift when wrapped, these gifts tend to be winners with young athletes. Plus, they'll help inspire the child in your life to enjoy fun, screen-free play on the pitch or court.

Each Nike ball is crafted with performance in mind, featuring engineering that ensures a tight grip and speedy precision in passes, dribbles, kicks or spikes. Explore kid-sized or full-sized options, depending on the age and skill level of the child.

7. Jackets and gilets

Nike kids' jackets and gilets are designed to provide warmth and insulation in chilly temperatures. Choose from parkas, puffer jackets, fleeces and windbreakers to outfit the child in your life with versatile layers this season.

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8. Graphic T-shirts

A staple in any child's wardrobe, graphic tees can be layered beneath or on top of other garments, making them suitable for wearing all year round. Nike graphic T-shirts come in a variety of fabrics, including Nike Dri-FIT technology, which helps wick away moisture to keep kids cool and dry while they're having fun and working up a sweat.

9. Nike Sportswear joggers and tracksuit bottoms

Just like hoodies, a pair of joggers or tracksuit bottoms can be a favourite, cosy clothing item for kids of any age. Kids can easily slip their Nike Sportswear joggers and tracksuit bottoms over shorts or leggings after a game, and they can double as pyjamas or weekend wear.

Words by Julia Sullivan

Originally published: 31 October 2022

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