Last updated: 21 April 2022
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    Bra By Adwoa

    Best Bra For Sport & Life

    Adwoa Aboah answers your Never Asked Question: What’s the best bra for sport and life?

    As someone who likes to wake up and head out for the day, I’m all about finding a bra that lets me go to the gym and walk around London without having to get changed.

    That’s why I’m obsessed with the Nike Swoosh. It’s mad comfy and soft and supportive, and if I wear it to meet my Personal Trainer, then (if I’m not too sweaty) I keep it on to drive around, see mates and hop between auditions.

    It’s a medium support bra which makes it perfect for my level of workouts, but it also means it’s not too constrictive.

    Bra By Adwoa: The Best Sports Bra

    Originally published: 21 April 2022