Girls Sports Bra Fit Guide

    A sports bra makes the difference between staying in sport and sitting out. Empower your girl to be her best self with a supportive sports bra that allows her to stay active and confident. This helpful guide will walk you through finding the perfect fit and style.

    Size Chart

    Girls' Sports Bra Size Chart

    How To Measure

    1. Measure Chest

    Holding a soft measuring tape horizontally, pull it all the way around the body at the fullest part of the chest.

    2. No Measuring Tape?

    Grab a string (or even a shoelace), a pen, and a ruler. Pull the string around the chest horizontally at the fullest part — similar to using a measuring tape — and use the pen to mark where one end of the string meets the other side. Then, lay the string on a flat surface and use a ruler to determine the chest measurement.

    3. To Find the Bra Size…

    Use the chest measurement from steps 1 or 2 to find the bra size on the chart at the top of the screen. If the measurement falls between sizes on the chart, opt for the larger size — a slightly larger bra will be more comfortable than a bra that’s too tight.
    *Extended size (+) sports bras differ only in circumference, not length or style.

    Quick Fit Tips

    Girls' Sports Bra Size Chart

    Tip 01

    Start with Straps

    She should be able to fit two fingers between the strap and her body. If it’s too loose, try a smaller size. If it’s digging into her shoulders, go up a size.

    Girls' Sports Bra Size Chart

    Tip 02

    Check the Band

    Make sure it’s not too tight—she should be able to comfortably fit two fingers between the band and her body. Also, have her raise her arms over her head and make sure the chest band doesn’t ride up—it should fit straight across her ribs.

    Girls' Sports Bra Size Chart

    Tip 03

    Jump Without Bounce

    When she jumps, there should be minimal bounce. She should feel comfy and confident. You can always try a woman’s size for more support.

    All About Bras


    Which bras are best for all-day wear?

    • For a full-coverage bra, she can wear all day, every day, a thin-strapped, lightweight sports bra will be a favourite. Its U-shaped neckline pairs with almost any top.

    • Key styles:
      Girls’ Trophy
      Girls’ Indy
      Girls’ Indy Seamless

    Which bras are best for sports?

    • When she’s moving more (football, running basketball) multi-layered fabrics and thicker, wide-strap, or racerback style help her feel super secure and snug.

    • Key styles:
      Girls’ Swoosh
      Luxe Girls’ Swoosh Reversible
      Girls’ Swoosh Veneer

    Why choose Nike girls’ sports bra?

    Nike girls’ sports bras are designed for growing bodies. They’re performance tested and made with Dri-FIT fabric to help wick sweat away. While different coverage options and strap designs provide style and comfort as they protect developing breast tissue.

    What sizes do girls’ sports bras come in?

    We offer sizes XS to XL with extended sizing in bras such as our Alate range. To easily convert your usual bra size into a Nike Bra size, see the Nike size chart.

    What’s the right bra for a girl as she grows?

    Nike girls’ sports bras are designed to give her choice, innovation and comfort as she grows.

    Nike One offers a high-chest design for extra coverage and modesty.

    Alate acts as a second skin, offering extra comfort, while roomier design offers modesty for developing bodies.

    Indy gives girls style and comfort. Thin straps, a v-shaped back, and longer lines offer modesty, comfort, and style.

    Swoosh provides compression for greater support during higher-impact activities.

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    Girls' Sports Bra Size Chart

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