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Nike FlyKnit

    Nike Flyknit

    Lightweight. Breathable. Supportive.

    Nike Flyknit technology uses high-strength fibres to create lightweight uppers with targeted areas of support, stretch and breathability.

    Nike Flyknit Technology

    Inspired by our most common feedback from runners, Nike engineered a fabric that fits like a sock, with the support and durability for sport.

    What is Nike Flyknit?

    A material made up of strong yet lightweight strands of yarn that have been woven into a one-piece upper, securing an athlete's foot to the shoe platform.

    How Nike Flyknit Works

    Different types of knit patterns are used within a single Flyknit upper. Certain areas have a tighter weave to give the foot more support, while other areas are designed to be more flexible or breathable. Data from Nike's 40+ years of studying the foot determines where each pattern is applied.

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    Nike Flyknit

    Nike Flyknit for Running

    Breathable construction and targeted support help you tackle your longest distance.

    Nike Flyknit

    Nike Flyknit for Basketball

    Integrate areas of stretch and support where you need it most.

    Nike Flyknit

    Nike Flyknit for Football

    Excellent touch, control and striking power thanks to a sock-like fit.