NikePlus Membership connects you to exclusive products, events, athlete stories, and running and training programmes to help you reach your potential. Get started by downloading any of our apps.

Membership is completely free. You can register online or on any of these apps.

What is NikePlus Membership? | Nike Help


How do I sign up for a NikePlus event?
Get access and sign up for exclusive NikePlus events in your city using the Nike App, Nike Run Club app and/or Nike Training Club app. Go to your Profile, tap "Events" and select the event that you want to join.

What features do the NRC and NTC apps offer?
With Nike Run Club, you can track your runs, enjoy Audio-Guided Runs, get adaptive and personalised coaching, join Challenges and more. Nike Training Club provides more than 160 workouts, also with adaptive and personalised coaching, and clear audio and visual guidance. Both apps help you achieve your goals faster and more easily.

How do I get access to the newest sneakers?
The Nike SNEAKRS app allows you to buy sneakers in no time, right in the app.

How do I get free delivery and 30-day product trials?
As a NikePlus Member, you get free delivery on all Nike orders and you have 30 days to try on and test the product you purchased. If it's not perfect for you, simply return your order back to us.

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