4 Reasons to Rock a Hip Pack This Summer—Plus Nike's Best Styles

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This trendy and versatile accessory will become a summer favourite. Check out some of Nike's best hip packs.

Last updated: 7 June 2022
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The Best Nike Hip Packs

Hip packs provide hands-free storage when you're on the go—and they're trendier than ever. Whether you're dancing at a summer festival, hopping on your bike to commute or going on a walk in your local area, these versatile accessories come in a range of styles and sizes to match whatever activity you're taking on.

Below, check out the best Nike hip packs for common workouts and activities.

1. Running

For running, a slim, discreet hip pack that hugs your body is the way to go. Some running hip packs are so small you can only stash a few essentials—like your keys and gels—while others are more spacious if you need to store your phone.

Nike's running hip packs are designed to be lightweight yet functional. They offer a stretchy, comfortable fit, similar to the waistband on your favourite pair of running shorts. Made from sweat-wicking Dri-FIT material, these hip packs are comfortable to wear and provide more stability than shorts pockets, minimising bounce when you pick up the pace.

2. Going to Festivals

Going to a festival or outdoor concert this summer? A hip pack will be your best friend. It gives you hands-free storage for essentials like sun cream, your phone and a wallet.

The Nike Heritage collection comes in a variety of colours, while the Nike Luxe line is made from water-resistant materials that will keep your belongings safe and dry even if the weather turns wet. Three-litre sizes can carry a light layer for evening shows, snacks and essentials, while the 1-litre designs are great for the basics but won't fit a layer.

3. Cycling

Worn as an over-the-shoulder sling or a waist bag, a hip pack is a great way to carry your essentials when biking around town or cycling on a path. Nike cycling hip packs offer plenty of room for all-day storage. Multiple pockets give you room to organise your belongings, and the functional design will leave you free to pedal to your next destination.

4. Hiking

You can hit the trail in style and not compromise functionality with a hip pack for hikes and walks. While trail hip packs don't provide the same storage space as a hiking backpack, they're a great option for shorter excursions. They're also perfect for hot days when breathability is paramount. Unlike a backpack, you won't have to deal with extra material clinging to your back.

If you're searching for the best hip pack for hiking, look for one made from sweat-wicking material with a stretchy, comfortable waistband, similar to a running hip pack. Nike Dri-FIT material is a polyester blend offering high-performance and moisture-wicking capabilities. Hips packs made from this fabric help keep you dry and comfortable on your toughest hikes. Additionally, the expandable design is ideal for hiking, as the fold-over pockets will compress as you eat your snacks and need less storage space.

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Words by Hannah Singleton

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