Women's Running Outfits for Every Weather Condition

Styling Tips

Don't know what to wear for your next run? Consider these ideas for running outfits for women based on the kind of weather you'll encounter.

Last updated: 5 January 2022
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Women's Running Outfits for Every Weather Condition

Whether you're a new runner looking for guidance or a dedicated racer looking for inspiration, what you run in matters. You want to be comfortable but stylish—you don't have to compromise. Here are some of our favourite Nike running outfits for women based on the type of weather you might encounter during your workout.

Women's Running Outfits for Every Weather Condition

What to Wear Running in the Cold

Running in the cold can be off-putting. But as long as you're prepared, you'll crush your miles. The weather doesn't have to stop you. Here's an example of a running outfit for cold weather.

  • Long-Sleeve Base Layer: A base layer is designed to act as a second skin and keep heat close to your body.

  • T-shirt or Tank: Double up with a long-sleeve base layer and a T-shirt or tank top over the top. This will better insulate you while still allowing your skin to breathe.

  • Trousers or Shorts: Depending on just how cold it is, you may need to double up on the bottom. Wear loose trousers or shorts over leggings for an extra layer of warmth.

  • Hoodie or Jacket: Wearing a mid-weight sweatshirt or zip hoodie acts as a middle layer to retain body heat. You can also throw on a jacket as an outer layer if the weather requires it.
Women's Running Outfits for Every Weather Condition

What to Wear Running on a Hot Day

When it's hot out, you need a running outfit that works hard to keep you cool. No more layering up, it's time to let your skin breathe!

  • Shorts or Leggings: Depending on your preference, wear shorts or leggings to run. If you prefer leggings, opt for a moisture-wicking fabric like Nike Dri-FIT. This polyester fabric wicks sweat away from the skin so it can evaporate, keeping you cool.

  • Sports Bra: You may want to go for just a sports bra for extra hot days or long runs. Nike Dri-FIT Swoosh sports bras feature sweat-wicking, fast-drying fibres to keep you cool and comfortable. It also has a top-loading pocket to hold your essentials like keys or a phone.

  • Tank: Let the arms breathe with a Nike sleeveless tank top. You can choose a cropped or long style, but either will go perfectly over a sports bra for added coverage.
Women's Running Outfits for Every Weather Condition

What to Wear Running in Rain

Running in the rain requires clothes that keep you dry and shoes that give you traction.

  • Waterproof Jacket: The most important item is a waterproof jacket. Many Nike running jackets feature water-repellent woven fabric and a hood to keep you dry for miles.

  • Running Shoes: Depending on what terrain you're running on, you need running shoes that give you enough traction to prevent slips while it's wet.

  • Road Running: Look for Nike React Foam and Zoom Air technology. This will help keep your turnover smooth. Also look for a Storm-Tread outsole. It has multiple lugs and a water channel to help grip the road.

  • Trail Running: Look for shoes with GORE-TEX technology: Bike-inspired lugs on the outsole help provide stability on unstable terrain. And the GORE-TEX upper provides a lightweight barrier against rain and wind.

  • Layering System: Wearing multiple, thin layers like a workout bra, T-shirt and rain jacket is likely sufficient to protect you from the weather without making you feel stuffy and sweaty. Plus, you can always adjust your layers once you get going.
Women's Running Outfits for Every Weather Condition

What to Wear on High-Intensity Runs

Not into long runs? High-intensity intervals or sprinting drills may be more your style. But that requires a specific type of workout gear.

  • High-Impact Sports Bra: Nike High-Support Bras give you the highest level of support with a compressive feel and minimal bounce. The moulded cups provide shaping, and the bra adjusts at the back so you can feel comfortably contained but still able to breathe.

  • Leggings: Nike's extensive range of training tights for women ensures you'll find a pair to suit your style. These tights are ideal for high-intensity exercise because they're like a second skin. They move with your body and stay firmly in place.

  • Running Shoes: You need running shoes that cushion the impact of your high-intensity run. Look for Nike React or Flyknit running shoes. They are lightweight and have durable foam that delivers a smooth ride. Because there's less material between the insole and midsole, you're closer to the foam, creating a more responsive experience. Plus, the foam is thick enough to provide a plush feel for high-impact or long runs.

Originally published: 11 November 2021

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