Nike Maternity Outfit Ideas

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Stay comfortable and stylish with the right maternity outfit for you—and for any activity.

Last updated: 8 February 2022
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Nike Maternity Outfit Ideas

With an estimated 140 million babies born worldwide each year, there are lots of mums-to-be searching for the right maternity clothes to wear during pregnancy. At the beginning of your pregnancy, you may be able to get away with wearing your everyday clothes. But as the months go on—and your baby bump grows—you may look for maternity clothing options that will fit more comfortably. When you're on the hunt for new outfits that accommodate your changing shape, don't feel like you need to compromise your style or, even more importantly, your comfort. If you can make your new maternity clothes work for your personal fashion taste and lifestyle—all the better!

To accommodate all the changes that come with pregnancy (and still nail that cute maternity style you want) it's a great idea to build up a solid wardrobe of maternity clothes. This includes everyday clothing, but also speciality maternity items that give you the flexibility and comfort of movement to continue staying active.

Comfort Is Key

Some of the best maternity clothes are those versatile pieces that double as workout apparel. That's because these types of pregnancy outfits move with you. Maternity clothes made for working out are designed not to be restrictive or too tight. Most maternity styles for working out are breathable and stretchy too. Even a maternity sports bra might feel better than a regular bra when it comes to maternity wear.

To take your maternity style to new heights when you're pregnant, and to look chic while you're active, a foolproof type of workout clothing to choose is yoga clothing. Yoga clothes tick all the boxes, being both form-fitting and supportive, with the right amount of stretch for flexibility and comfort. No matter what size your growing belly is, stylish yet casual maternity outfits made up of yoga clothes will offer plenty of flexibility for movement.

Even if you're not doing yoga, you'll want to feel comfortable and supported as you move about your daily routine, so the stylish look and speciality cuts of maternity yoga wear make it a great go-to option during pregnancy.

What Else to Think About

Assembling a versatile maternity wardrobe that goes beyond the workout room requires you to think about every piece. Yes, they all should be comfortable and fit your changing body, but what else makes for good maternity clothes?

  1. 1.Roomy Tops That Wick Sweat

    Maternity tops should have a looser fit and a lot of stretch. As your body changes, you won't want your top to get too tight over one part of your torso before you have a chance to wear it. An extra-roomy cut that isn't too flowy is the ideal style for any top. Think form-fitting without it feeling restrictive.

    Sleeves or no sleeves are completely up to you, but make sure your top has sweat-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry at all times during your pregnancy. It also helps if the cut of the top is a little on the longer side to ensure full coverage down past your waist.

  2. 2.Leggings With Stretch

    Leggings are at the top of the stylish-and-comfortable-trousers list whether you're pregnant or not, so for bottoms, they're always a great choice. Leggings mould to your body, which can help you feel supported and secure. The right maternity pair should easily stretch as your baby (and belly) grows and can pair with any type of stylish maternity outfit.

    When working out, look for maternity leggings that cover your entire bump. You can opt for high-waisted trousers or those that offer a roll-over waist. For this second style, you can fold the waist panel down on the trousers when you're done working out, or simply don't want to feel that much compression around your belly.

    The trick with any maternity leggings though is to try them on before you buy them. This is to not only ensure fit, but to make sure they don't shift awkwardly as you move about. You also want to do the "bend test". This helps you make sure the fabric doesn't stretch so much that it becomes see-through when you bend over. You can check this for yourself with the help of a dressing room mirror and make sure they're exactly what you want in a cute maternity outfit.

  3. 3.A Versatile Bra

    The natural stretch in a sports bra can accommodate size changes and give you much-needed support no matter what stage of life or pregnancy you're in. Regular maternity bras will work when you're lounging, but when it's time to exercise, be sure to swap in a sports bra. You may want to find styles that zip or hook in the front so they're easier to get on and off.

    Even better, look for a maternity sports bra. This option combines the best of both worlds, providing you with support while you're active during your pregnancy, but also making it easy to breastfeed or pump down the road in a maternity nursing bra. For example, while it can be worn during pregnancy, the Nike (M) Swoosh Bra is great for new mums after giving birth because it's designed with discreet layers to make time-outs for feeding or pumping a bit easier, with a special moisture-managing fabric for breastfeeding.

  4. 4.Support on Your Feet

    You most definitely don't want to neglect your feet when putting together maternity outfits of any kind. Shoes should complement your outfit and match the activity you're doing in them, but they need to also take into account pregnancy feet.

    When you're pregnant, your feet may swell. Some mums-to-be and new mums even see a change in shoe size. Your balance can also get unsteady as your baby bump impacts your centre of gravity. For this reason, you'll want shoes that are

    • Breathable
    • Flexible
    • Cushioned
    • Stable

    You not only want to remain comfortable on your feet, but you'll also want shoes that are going to fit well even if your feet get a little swollen. They should also help you feel safe and supported, even if you find yourself feeling a little off balance. A good walking sneaker is great for casual, everyday wear, and if you continue to run while pregnant, a stable running shoe will help keep you feeling supported.

Dress for Your Style When Pregnant

No matter what kind of pregnancy outfits you fill your maternity wardrobe with, remember to keep it simple and true to you. Maternity outfits are all about staying comfortable in the basics, and being comfortable means you don't have to hide your bump or sacrifice your style. Make sure that as you create cute maternity outfits, you're picking pieces that are versatile, and avoid anything that's too tight. You'll need to grow with these items for at least a few months. Have fun creating your maternity fashion look!

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