Best wireless bras by Nike

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Support plus comfort in a wireless bra? Absolutely. Check out these top picks for your new go-to favourite for workouts and everyday wear.

Last updated: 7 May 2024
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Best wireless bras by Nike

When it comes to support, an underwire has become a standard in most bras. Yet, there are many wireless bras with excellent support to consider. There are even great wireless bra options in plus sizes.

"Wireless bras are a great option for low, medium and high support", says Nike Senior Product Line Manager Emme McAtee. When developing a bra for Nike, "we obsess over the fit of the bra band to ensure it will properly support the breast tissue. We also utilise stabilisers in the straps to reduce bounce".

Making the best wireless bra choice isn't just about comfort, although that's super important. Wireless bras, if appropriately designed, can also provide critical support. A study in Frontiers in Sports and Active Living found that greater breast support can improve running performance, and other research noted that less breast support can make you fatigue faster and change how effectively you breathe—both during a workout and in everyday life.

Here's a look at some of the best wireless bras from Nike, which have all been designed for proper support, even in high-intensity activities.

Best wireless option for adjustment: Nike Indy

Some days you want the padding, and other days you don't. Or, maybe you're looking for slightly more room in the cups or a closer fit around the shoulders. Every workout might come with different preferences, so the ability to adjust your bra is a big plus. The Nike Indy wireless bra offers the ultimate adjustability.

Whether you choose the Indy Light Support, Indy Medium Support or Indy High Support, you'll have adjustable straps and subtle shaping designed for all-day comfort. Removable pads in the Indy Light Support and Indy Medium Support give you the ability to decide if you want it padded or non-padded. "The Indy High Support offers the ultimate customisation. The adjustable straps allow for the perfect fit and lift, while the hook-and-eye closure allows an adjustable fit", McAtee says.

Best wire-free bra for bounce control: Nike Swoosh or Nike Jordan Sport

When you're in an intense workout, you want to feel locked in so that motion is at a minimum, but you don't want that uni-boob, constricted feeling. The Swoosh High Support hits that sweet spot of support for high-impact sports while still being comfortable and lightweight. Also, the bottom band's extended hook-and-loop closure makes it easy to adjust.

There's also the Swoosh Light Support for minimal coverage and Swoosh Medium Support with sewn-in pads for more structure. All the Swoosh bras offer Nike Dri-FIT technology to move sweat away from your skin for quicker evaporation. The sports bra's adaptive fabric feels like a second skin, and the stretchy fibres mean you don't have to wrestle it on and off.

Another extra-stretchy, moisture-wicking, wire-free bra is the Jordan Sport, a medium-support option that boasts several bright colours and an adaptive material that recovers its shape quickly, no matter what type of training you're doing.

Best wireless pick for lounging: Nike Alate

The best wireless bra isn't just for workouts; it's also for running to the supermarket, having lunch with friends or simply hanging out on the sofa in your T-shirt and joggers. While the Alate Bra Collection is ideal for exercise, its lightweight, breathable and soft fabric makes it suitable as an everyday bra.

Even if you're just running errands, Nike Dri-FIT technology will help keep you dry and comfortable.

Best wireless bras by Nike

Determining bra fit

Once you have narrowed your bra selections to a few possibilities, you'll want to consider sizing. No problem. The Nike size guide is a great resource for determining fit for a wide bra size range, with cup sizes ranging from A–G or XS–4X.

If you're trying on bras in a store, follow these general recommendations: the under-band should have enough room to fit two fingers underneath and not dig in or slip. Performing a few movements that mimic what you're planning as exercise will help determine if there's enough support. For instance, the best wireless bra for a gentle yoga class or Pilates session would probably not be the same bra you'd pick for a HIIT class.

Because different activity levels may warrant a different bra, stocking up on a few wireless bras can ensure you're ready for anything, from running errands to training for a marathon and getting plenty of support along the way.

Words by Elizabeth Millard

Originally published: 25 April 2024

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