Comfy Outfit Ideas for Travelling

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Dress for a comfortable, stress-free trip through the airport and beyond with these smart wardrobe choices.

Last updated: January 31, 2022
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Travel Outfit Ideas & What to Wear to the Airport

Going on holiday can sometimes mean a crazy day (or more) of travel—especially if there are flights involved. With delays, connections, baggage claim and all the other airport headaches, it can make all the difference in your travel experience if you're able to stay comfortable and relaxed throughout the journey. A stylish and cosy airport outfit is one way to help you keep your cool.

Of course, casual and comfy are key when picking outfits for travelling, no matter if you're on an aeroplane or in a car on a road trip, but what pieces are essential? From the right shoes to that extra jumper, here's how to make sure you're packing right for your holiday.

Travel Outfits When in Flight

  1. 1.Trousers

    If you're going to prioritise one thing for any travel outfit, prioritise comfort. Unless you're heading to a business meeting from the airport, chic yet casual and comfy attire makes for perfect airport-wear. When it comes to trousers, you don't have to opt for the thick and sometimes rigid fabric of denim. Since stress-free travelling is all about comfort, why not grab your favourite casual leggings or yoga trousers? Tracksuit bottoms or joggers can also work, and they can make you feel as comfortable as if you're travelling in your PJs or loungewear while you jet off on your holiday. One great way to level up the style of tracksuit bottoms or joggers is to wear a pair in a set with a matching top.

    Whichever trousers you pick, make sure the fabric is breathable. Materials such as cotton, silk, linen and wool will work. Look for fabrics that are moisture-wicking and won't trap sweat into your clothing, so synthetic materials like Nike Dri-FIT are a good choice. These fabrics will help your aeroplane outfit feel fresh throughout your flight. You won't end up rushing to throw your travel outfit in the wash as soon as you get to your destination.

  2. 2.Shirts and Cosy Layers

    For your top, think in layers. Planes are often too cold or too hot. They're rarely just the right temperature, so you'll want to prepare for any temperature, and your outfit ideas should reflect that. Each layer should feel cosy on its own, but start with a loose-fitting T-shirt, something you'd be OK getting spilt on (since that can happen during travel and you don't want it to ruin your day.)

    Next, think about a warmer top layer for your travel outfit. This can be a sweatshirt, jumper, zip-up hoodie or even a cardigan. You can start with it on, or store it in your carry-on bag or gym bag so it's ready should you need it.

  3. 3.The Deal with Compression Socks

    Comfort should definitely extend to your feet when it comes to travelling and that starts with the right pair of socks. Assuming you don't want to go barefoot when you have to walk through security or risk your toe touching the bathroom floor, compression socks are a perfect part of your travel outfit, especially when you have a long-haul flight or road trip ahead of you.

    Compression socks help promote blood circulation through pressure. The way they gently press on leg muscles helps increase blood flow, which in turn helps prevent leg swelling. And compression socks now come in cute, stylish prints and can be part of any airport outfit or travel wardrobe. If you're taking long flights or if you're somebody who travels often, you may want to add a favourite pair of compression socks as a staple to your wardrobe.

  4. 4.The Right Travel Shoe

    Comfort is again key when picking your travel footwear. Aeroplane shoes should be breathable and flat. Slip-ons are ideal if you know you'll have to get them on and off at airport security as well. Closed-toe and a back are also preferable features. Not only to keep your entire foot warm, but also to protect it from germs. As long as they're comfy, you could choose anything from walking shoes to trendy sneakers to ankle boots.

What Not to Pick as an Airport Outfit

As you identify go-to travel outfits from your wardrobe, there are a few things you may want to avoid wearing in-flight. These include:

  • anything constricting. Test out your clothes by sitting around your home in them to make sure they won't start bugging you halfway into your flight. Stay away from tight waistbands, but also form-fitting skirts and super-fitted T-shirts. Stretchy is best.
  • Shoes with high heels or no back. Both types of shoes increase your risk of falling or tripping, not to mention doing a number on your feet walking or running through the airport.
  • Underwire bras. Again, the need for comfort should help women who are travelling lean towards a sports bra over an underwire one—unless you absolutely need that underwire support. You can still get a bra without an underwire that has plenty of support, which can help you avoid annoying straps that fall down or any pesky wire poking you in your side.
  • Bulkier items. Even if you're headed to a cold climate for business or pleasure, layer up with thinner pieces of clothing, ones you can fold up and easily store under the seat in front of you, in an overhead bin or within your carry-on. Puffer jackets and bulkier items are much harder to stow and almost impossible to comfortably wear once you sit down in your seat.

While the above clothing items shouldn't be worn on your big travel days, it's totally fine to put them on your packing list. Those cute high-heels could work great while you're on your trip but should probably stay in your suitcase on travelling days.

Extras to Bring Along for the Ride in Your Travel Bag

Perfecting your cosiest travel outfit could potentially leave you lacking in one important area—style. You've focused on comfort and the causal approach to your travel wear may make you feel a little too relaxed. Tossing into your travel bag a little something extra could prove functional and stylish all at once. What's this outfit-saving item? It's a scarf.

Stop thinking about winter scarves—the ones your grandmother knits for you—but instead more fashion-forward options that'll help you nail that cute travel outfit look. This is the kind of accessory you'd wear all day as part of an outfit, not just to keep you warm. It will do that for sure, and possibly even make a great blanket in flight, but the right scarf can also add some class to your travel outfit with a pop of bold colour or a fun pattern.

Go for a minimalist scarf that only covers your neck or a pashmina you can wrap around your entire upper body. Based on how likely you are to get chilly, this is an ideal bonus item no matter how many layers you're already wearing.

Dressed for Any Destination

Travelling in the right outfit equips you for any destination. This not only includes the places you're travelling to and from for business or pleasure, but also all the airports and aeroplanes in between. To be ready for all temperatures and stay comfortable, remember layers and breathable, loose-fit casual clothing are essential.

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