The Best Plus-Size Sports Bras From Nike

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Check out the best Nike plus-size sports bras that function at an elite level to keep up with your lifestyle.

Last updated: 4 August 2022
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The Best Plus-Size Sports Bras From Nike

Think of a good sports bra as the foundation of your fitness routine. When you find a sports bra that fits well and feels right, you can show up feeling secure and ready to conquer whatever workout is in store. Nike sports bras come in three different support levels—light-support, medium-support and high-support—and you'll find sizes ranging from XS (A to C cup) through 3X (F to G cup).

So, if you're shopping for a new, plus-size sports bra, how do you know which styles or support levels are right for you?

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How to Select the Best Plus-Size Sports Bra for You

Finding the right sports bra is about more than just size (though wearing the right bra size is crucial). It's just as important to find a bra that provides a level of comfort and support that feels good to you.

There isn't one level of support that's right for all activities or all people—no matter what size you wear. Start your search by considering what sensations feel right for different activities you might do while wearing your new bra.

  1. High-Support: when going about your day or doing a workout, is it important to you to minimise breast movement as much as possible? If so, opt for a high-support compression bra. If you're looking to alleviate pressure on the shoulders, try a high-support bra with thick straps.
  2. Light-Support: on the other hand, if you want a fit that feels more natural and doesn't snugly compress your breasts, opt for a light-support bra. Light-support bras aren't just for small cup sizes—these bras, like the Nike Dri-FIT Alate Minimalist, offer a low-profile design while accommodating a full range of sizes.
  3. Medium-Support: if you fall somewhere in the middle—meaning, you want some support but a high-support bra feels a bit too restrictive—a medium-support bra might be the sweet spot for you.

Key Features to Look For in Any Sports Bra

  1. 1.Adjustable Straps

    If you're looking for a sports bra that feels tailored to you, you may want to be able to adjust the straps. Straps are a critical piece of any sports bra because they help create a balanced fit as they distribute breast weight and alleviate pressure on the bottom band. Well-fitting straps should provide a firm but comfortable tension.

  2. 2.Closure Type

    The right closure type is entirely based on personal preference. Consider if you want a pull-over, front-closure or back-closure style. You can find Nike plus-size sports bras with any of these closure types.

  3. 3.Cup Type

    When it comes to padding and cup types, you'll find non-padded bras, bras with padded cups and encapsulation bras, which provide a compressive feel and shaping.

The Best Nike Plus-Size Sports Bras

1. Nike Alate

The Nike Alate line of bras is designed to feel like a second skin for everyday movement. Nike Alate bras are so soft and cosy, you might forget you're wearing one.

Plus, they're made from Nike Dri-FIT fabric, which wicks moisture away from the skin and helps sweat quickly evaporate, so you can stay cool and dry. Check out light-support styles, like the Nike Dri-FIT Alate Minimalist, or medium-support styles, like the Nike Yoga Dri-FIT Alate Curve.

The Best Plus-Size Sports Bras From Nike

2. Nike Swoosh

For the most iconic Nike sports-bra look, try the Nike Swoosh: a classic, racerback pull-over bra. Depending on the specific style, you can find a Nike Swoosh bra with medium or high support. Some feature no pads and some feature a one-piece removable pad.

3. Nike Indy

The Nike Indy bra is meant to feel sporty and dynamic for all kinds of movement, and you can find a wide range of colours in three different plus-size styles—V-neck, U-neck and longline. The straps on these Nike Indy bras adjust in the front, so you can effortlessly tighten or loosen them as needed. Removable cups offer versatility and another layer of customisation.

4. Nike Alpha

The Nike Alpha is a high-support sports bra that combines compression with padded cups to encapsulate each breast and reduce bounce. The extra-wide straps are adjustable from the front and a clasp on the back adds another level of security. This sports bra comes in two styles: one with a front zip for easy on-and-off access plus a traditional tank style that clasps at the back.

The Best Plus-Size Sports Bras From Nike

Words by Jennifer Davis-Flynn

Originally published: 4 August 2022

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