Dear World,

This is an invitation, a ball rolling in your direction, a letter marked urgent.

Football needs you. All of you.

The fast.

The free.

The fearless.

The Sunday footballer telling stories in the pub.

The tricksters. The outspoken.

The kids having kickabouts - in back-garden training grounds and astroturf stadiums.

The attackers, the defenders, the keepers standing alone.

The quick corner takers.

The play makers.

The pitches, the parks, the courts, the alleyways, the sand lots, the streets. The fans who never stop singing.

It all starts with you. It all starts with a ball.

See you soon.

Love, Football.


Nike Flight Ball

True Flight. True Love.

Introducing Nike Flight, a new football that changes everything but the heart of the game. Get ready to #playwithlove.

Nike Flight Ball
Nike Flight Ball
Nike Flight Ball