How to Style Your Joggers with the Right Nike Shoes

Styling Tips

Joggers are for more than just jogging. Pair them with the right Nike kicks, and they'll take you from the gym to the city centre in style.

Last updated: 1 September 2022
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Nike’s Best Shoes to Wear with Joggers

Joggers—they're functionally tracksuit bottoms and fashionably the most versatile garment in your wardrobe. As the official uniform of lazy Sundays, they'll accompany you from your morning supermarket run to your afternoon nap. No outfit change required. The secret to wearing those cosy trousers just about anywhere you go? Pair them with the right shoes. Whether you're aiming for the dressed-up athleisure outfit look or a style that seems effortlessly casual, there's a shoe that can get you there. Check out our style guide for top sneakers to wear with joggers.

  1. 1.Best for a Walk or Run

    Getting those steps in requires a shoe that strikes a balance between lightweight breathability and cushioned shock absorption. The Nike Pegasus collection for men and women features lightweight and springy Nike React foam for miles of comfort, midfoot webbing for moderate support with a neutral feel and styles that look great with your favourite joggers. If you're the outdoorsy type, there are also trail shoe styles that pair well with just about any outfit—joggers, tracksuit bottoms or hiking gear.

  2. 2.Best for the Gym

    Joggers can be worn for a variety of types of training in the gym, but you'll need a pair of versatile sneakers as well. Nike Metcon shoes for men and women can be used for agility moves, weightlifting, CrossFit, cross-training, high-intensity classes and more. The durable and stable shoe offers a locked-down feel for heavy lifting, but they also have enough React foam to keep you comfy during cardio. And the breathable mesh upper of the shoe has textured overlays for enhanced durability. There's traction up the arch for rope climbs as well, creating a bold look that makes them perfect for sporting with a pair of joggers. You can even customise the colours of the shoe for a look that is uniquely yours.

  3. 3.Best for Errands

    Taking your joggers to the streets requires a pair of casual shoes that make a fashion statement while keeping your feet cool and comfortable. The '90s retro look of Nike Huarache shoes, with a mix of smooth leather and breathable neoprene-like fabric on the upper, make them an obvious choice. A plush foam midsole delivers all-day comfort, so you can pop in and out of stores, all the while sporting a sleek look to complete your outfit that is as laid back as it is timeless.

  4. 4.Best for Date Night

    For a dressed-up outfit that will wow your significant other, both men and women can turn to the stylish Nike Air Force 1 collection. A retro, chunky sole meets modern colour combinations and fresh new details like a removable gold chain on select women's styles. Choose from high-top and low-top styles, sleek white or bold colours, styles made from sustainable materials to reduce waste and carbon emissions, premium prints and even customisable styles. They may not be formal shoes, but it's still a sharp enough look for a shoe to take you out on the town in your joggers or tracksuit bottoms.

  5. 5.Best for Sports Games

    A pair of leather or canvas shoes pair well with joggers or tracksuit bottoms, both in low-top and high-top styles. The iconic Nike Blazer, originally introduced in 1972, fits the bill for a night sitting in the stands. Its durable construction can endure getting stepped on, the rubber outsole provides traction on all those spilt beverages and the padded collar will keep you comfy throughout the night. From vintage to modern takes on the classic, in a variety of colour and fabric options for both men and women, the Blazer makes for an ideal jogger companion. Throw on a denim jacket for a casual yet put-together night at the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Shoes Go with Joggers?

Joggers go well with a variety of types of shoes that you can switch depending on the occasion. Most commonly, they're paired with sneakers, but they also look good with formal shoes such as loafers or ankle boots, and women can even wear them with heels for a dressy look. In the summer, you can wear joggers with flip-flops, ankle-strap sandals or boat shoes and a T-shirt. Nike makes a variety of styles that look great with joggers, from vintage classics to sleek runners to slip-on sneakers and sandals.

What Type of Joggers Should I Wear?

A good pair of lightweight Nike Dri-FIT joggers will serve you well in spring and autumn, with fabric engineered to wick away sweat faster. Pair them with a hoodie for lightweight warmth. In cold weather, opt for a pair of Nike Therma-FIT joggers, which will keep you extra warm without the extra bulk. A lightweight, insulated jacket will complete the outfit.

Which Nike Shoes Can I Wear with Joggers?

Any sneaker or shoe can work well with joggers or tracksuit bottoms, but the outfit ideas in this style guide are a great place to start. You might also consider wearing a pair of black joggers with Jordans or Converse for a classic outfit look.

What Socks Should I Wear with Joggers?

Your joggers or tracksuit bottoms may leave your ankles exposed, but no-show socks are a thing of the past. Current fashion trends dictate that jogger outfits should be worn with ankle socks. If you're planning to hit the gym or the trail, be sure to opt for a moisture-wicking pair to keep you cool and dry.

Originally published: 11 January 2022

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