The Best Nike Running Gear with a Reflective Design

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For dimly lit or dark outdoor runs, gear up with the best Nike running items featuring a reflective design.

Last updated: 23 August 2022
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The Best Nike Running Gear with a Reflective Design

Whatever the season, gear featuring a reflective design is a must-have for any runner logging outdoor miles. Wearing gear that has a reflective design can help runners be more visible to vehicles, cyclists and other people on the roads or trails.

Whether you prefer reflective-design details on your running apparel, shoes or accessories, there's no shortage of options with Nike. Use this guide to find the best running gear with a reflective design.

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The Best Nike Running Gear with a Reflective Design

1. Hats with a Reflective Design

Nike running hats with reflective details are designed for safety and comfort. In addition to fabric with reflective qualities on the brim and in the signature Nike Swoosh logo, each cap is designed with breathable, sweat-wicking material to keep athletes covered, cool and dry on runs.

2. Running Shoes with a Reflective Design

Low visibility doesn't only occur outside daylight hours. Rainy or foggy conditions can also impact visibility. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus Shield running shoes are an ideal pick for inclement weather.

In addition to its reflective design, these shoes feature storm-tread traction for no-slip footing in wet conditions. They're also water-repellent to help avoid the discomfort of wet, soggy socks during or after your run.

3. Running Trousers, Tights and Leggings with a Reflective Design

The Nike Dri-FIT ADV Run Division Epic Luxe running leggings have reflective qualities embedded into the individual fibres themselves. And, like many other Nike running leggings, these garments are designed for breathability and freedom of movement, with adjustable drawcords and multiple points of perforation.

4. Tops and T-Shirts with a Reflective Design

Whether you're looking for an insulated, long-sleeve running top or a lightweight tank top, Nike tops and T-Shirts come with a variety of reflective designs and styles to suit your preferences. Like Nike running trousers, the tops designed for running are breathable and help sweat quickly evaporate off the body.

5. Jackets and Gilets with a Reflective Design

A waterproof, insulative jacket or gilet can be a runner's best friend when training in wet, windy or chilly conditions.

In addition to having a bright, reflective design, the running jackets and gilets from Nike are designed to elevate an athlete's performance with breathable, lightweight, sweat-wicking fabrics. Many also contain waterproof outer shells, keeping runners dry and comfy throughout a workout.

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6. Running Shorts with a Reflective Design

Nike Dri-FIT running shorts are iconic for a reason. They offer curved side panels with integrated mesh to keep air moving where runners need it most. And with a reflective design, runners don't need to worry about visibility while they're focusing on getting the most out of their run.

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Words by Julia Sullivan, ACE-certified CPT

Originally published: 22 August 2022

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