The Best Nike Cycling Gear for Cold Weather

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Gear up for your next wintry ride in insulating, breathable cycling clothing and accessories by Nike.

Last updated: 29 December 2022
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The Best Nike Cycling Gear for Cold Weather

Cycling outdoors during cold weather requires some safety preparation before getting on the bike—especially when it comes to what you're wearing.

When gearing up for a cold-weather bicycle ride, it's important to layer fabrics that are insulating, breathable and designed to shield the body against inclement weather. From leggings to waterproof jackets, Nike offers athletic apparel designed to keep cyclists performing whatever the weather.

Find the best Nike cold-weather cycling gear in this round-up.

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The Best Nike Gear for Cold-Weather Cycling

1. Nike Therma-FIT Leggings

When exerting energy on a bicycle, the body is bound to warm up. Nike Therma-FIT technology helps to contain that heat, making these leggings a great pick to stay warm on chilly rides. Find Nike Therma-FIT leggings in both high-rise and mid-rise fits and in a variety of designs, including pairs with mesh side panels to help sweat escape.

2. Base-Layer Tops

A compressive, heat-retaining base layer can be an especially useful item when braving cold weather. That's because Nike base-layer tops are body-hugging and sweat-wicking. They can be worn comfortably beneath other clothing or on their own. Find Nike Dri-FIT base layers in a variety of forms, including long-sleeve tops, crop tops and more.

3. Cold-Weather Windbreakers

Wind is a challenge cyclists often face, even on warm days. But when it's chilly, fierce gusts can be downright painful for cyclists who aren't appropriately dressed. The solution: a high-quality windbreaker.

Windrunner jackets, for example, feature a water-repellent, lightweight shell meant to keep out wind and rain. Many windbreakers are also easy to fold up and stash, too.

4. Rain Jackets

Don't let showers stop you from clipping in and hitting the road. Many Nike rain jackets are crafted from water-resistant and water-repellent fabric, and they have key design features (like full-coverage hoods and zip pockets) to keep you and your essentials dry on the ride.

5. Hoodies & Sweatshirts

For cycling in moderate winter temperatures, opt for a hoodie or sweatshirt that's made for athletic performance. Styles with half-zip or quarter-zip designs make it easy to change in and out of the sweatshirt when the body heats up, and other features, like mesh panels and Nike Dri-FIT Technology, help keep sweat from building up.

6. Gloves and Mittens

When cycling in cold weather, your fingers will be vulnerable to harsh winds on the bike. Make sure you keep your fingers covered and protected from winter winds by wearing a pair of high-performance Nike gloves or mittens. Look for a pair made from sweat-wicking fabric and that have a grippy texture to ensure your hands stay firmly on the bars.

7. Sleeves & Armbands

Sleeves and armbands can add an extra layer of protection and insulation. Nike sleeves and armbands are built with special compression technology and nylon and elastane fibres to ensure a tight, supportive fit.

Words by Julia Sullivan

Originally published: 21 December 2022

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