How To Nike By You

Am I Doing This Right?

100% yes! There's no wrong way to customise a shoe, but once you start, all kinds of fun challenges can pop up. Enjoy these tips we picked up from Nike designers before you get started.

Working Backwards

Your Nike By You design is unique to you, so how you customise can be unique too. Here's a fun approach: Instead of adding colours and materials as you go, try taking them away. But where do I stop?! That's the real question.

More Tips and Tricks

Putting It in Neutral

Choosing a good colour combination is a fun challenge, but what if you want to turn the colours way down? Watch this tip on how to add just the right touch to your neutrals.

How To Nike By You

Now What Do I Do?

You've picked up a few tips and tricks, so you're that much closer to expert level. Now, get in there. Choose a shoe, then make it more you.