Trained Podcast: Investing in Your Mental Wellness with John Donahoe

Trained Podcast

The Nike CEO and family man learnt the importance of mental health early on. Now, he shares how years of seeking support have helped him find joy at work and beyond.

Last updated: 9 June 2021
How to Embrace Mental Wellness, According to Nike CEO John Donahoe

"Trained" is a podcast exploring the cutting edge of holistic fitness.

How does the leader of the world's largest sports company navigate corporate life during an unprecedented year—while juggling being a father, husband, grandfather, friend and everyday athlete? By practising a skill not usually taught in business school: asking for support. Nike president and CEO, John Donahoe, has spent the past three decades sharpening this ability, realising that it's a strength—not a weakness—to lean on others in times of mental and emotional stress. On this episode, the four-time CEO opens up to Nike senior director of performance Ryan Flaherty about his journey with therapy, his core purpose at home and in the C-suite and his prime role models (starting with his wife). He also explains how meditation has changed his life, and how he uses gratitude in his own routine. Whether you're leading a team or just joining one, we can all learn something from Donahoe's mindful approach to challenge.

"One of the commitments I made to myself is I said, 'I
want to try to embrace the purpose of servant
leadership, but try to do it with joy, even through the
ups and the downs'".

John Donahoe

Nike president and CEO

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