The best maternity leggings by Nike

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Top picks for mums-to-be and postnatal mums.

Last updated: 17 May 2024
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The best maternity leggings by Nike

Comfort and flexibility are key in pregnancy. The best maternity leggings feel great when you're wearing them, adapt to your changing body, keep your growing belly contained and supported, and are versatile enough to outfit you through parenthood.

Below, we've rounded up our best leggings for maternity and explained what features place them at the top of the list.

6 features that make Nike's maternity leggings stand out

Nike's best maternity leggings are the Zenvy (M) and Nike One (M) Collections. These styles offer thoughtfully designed and rigorously user-tested leggings and biker shorts for before, during and (long) after pregnancy.

"The Zenvy (M) leggings were created specifically for women expecting or entering that stage of life. They're built to last the entire journey of motherhood, which is more than just pregnancy", explains Emily Polkow, lead product line manager, Global Apparel, at Nike. "We adapted the classic version to have exterior pockets because we know how important those are for someone who's balancing a lot. We also added a cross-back waistband with a little dip that allows for more stretch and freedom of movement, as well as an ultra-high waistband. The InfinaSoft material has double the amount of stretch of elastane, combined with softness to create the ultimate maternity leggings".

The Nike One (M) leggings also make the list "because they give her the comfort, confidence and flexibility that she needs in order to maintain her active lifestyle through all stages of pregnancy and motherhood", Polkow says. "The material is buttery soft with a matt, peached finish that takes colour and print beautifully so that she can still express her style and individuality. Not to mention, the price point is super affordable".

The best maternity leggings by Nike

1. Stretch that grows as you do

As your belly expands during pregnancy, the fabric of maternity leggings has to accommodate that.

Nike's Zenvy (M) Women's Gentle-Support High-Waisted Leggings and Biker Shorts offer extra space where you need it most. The stretchy-smooth fabric adapts as your body does—and easily flexes to follow your every move.

The Nike One Women's High-Waisted Leggings and Biker Shorts feature stretchy zonal fabric that expands without losing its supportive structure.

Both styles stretch and maintain their shape for a snug and comfortable fit before, during and after pregnancy.

2. Lightweight and breathable fabric to keep you comfortable

Nike prioritises comfort for its entire collection of leggings and workout gear. Symptoms like body aches and temperature fluctuations make pregnancy a particularly important time for easy-to-wear, high-comfort workout styles.

Buttery-soft materials, sweat-wicking Dri-FIT technology and minimal seams equip the Zenvy and Nike One leggings and biker shorts with the cool comfort your body craves in pregnancy.

Nike modified its best-selling Zenvy style for its maternity collection to bring the beloved InfinaSoft fabric to your maternity leggings. InfinaSoft feels like a second skin without sacrificing the support and structure you need as your belly grows.

The Nike One Maternity Collection's midweight and peachy-soft fabric stretches and contours to your body and movements for a comfortably supportive fit throughout every trimester and beyond.

3. Pockets for all of your essentials

Everything's better with pockets. In pregnancy and during the postnatal period, having built-in storage space for your phone, key or a spare dummy makes every day a little easier.

The Zenvy maternity styles and Nike One maternity biker shorts feature thigh pockets large enough for most phones and other everyday essentials. Whether you prefer drop-in (Zenvy) or external (Nike One) pockets, you can rely on Nike maternity leggings and biker shorts for quick and easy storage.

4. Structured and supportive panels for your belly

The best maternity leggings don't just make space for your belly—they provide the support you need to move comfortably and reduce pressure on your lower back. The best styles also let you fold down the waist panel when all you want to do is relax.

Nike's high-waisted Zenvy leggings and biker shorts offer a gentle hug of buttery-soft support for your growing belly. Nike One maternity styles lend an extra level of structure and support. Both allow you to fold down the waist panel easily so you can go straight from working out to watching TV.

5. Waistbands that stay in place

Even outside pregnancy, keeping high-waisted leggings in place can be challenging. But when that third-trimester belly puts pressure on the waistband, only the best maternity leggings are up to the challenge.

Nike designed their Zenvy maternity leggings and biker shorts with an extra-wide waistband that reduces rolling, pinching and sliding out of place.

6. Easy to keep clean

During and after pregnancy, machine-washability is the holy grail for clothes of any kind. When planning for or caring for babies, you need workout wear that you can throw in the laundry without a second guess.

Nike Zenvy (M) and Nike One maternity leggings and biker shorts are machine washable and durable enough to wear, wash and repeat for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for maternity leggings?

The best maternity leggings come in a range of fabrics. However, the materials and construction of the best maternity leggings provide comfortable support that stretches to adapt to your body's needs before, during and after pregnancy. Nike's experts also recommend moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you cool, whether you're working out or chilling out.

Do you have to wear maternity-specific leggings in pregnancy?

Super-stretchy high-waisted leggings, even when they're non-maternity, can work well for the earlier stages of pregnancy. In the third trimester, when your belly will be the largest, specially designed styles offer enough space, coverage and structure to accommodate it.

Words by Sarah duRivage-Jacobs

Originally published: 10 May 2024

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