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Quai 54 is one of the world’s most respected international street ball tournaments. This year celebrates the 15th anniversary of Europe’s longest running outdoor basketball venue. There is an energy unlike any other tourney at Quai; drawing athletes, celebrities, and fans alike, from all over the world, for a weekend of kinetic sport, music, and culture.
Quai 54 is a sneaker hot-spot. With so many ‘heads on-sight to witness the show, the weekend is like a scavenger hunt for rare kicks and the holiest of grails.
We caught up with a few fellow citizens to talk about what they had on foot.



Sidney is a high-level wheel chair basketball player and sports management student from the University of Missouri, USA.
“The Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 1/97 is the best shoe. No other sneaker contrasts such popping colours and materials; it’s crazy and I love it. My parents gave them at Christmas. Best gift ever, right? I flex them for special events. They up my mood just seeing them in this sunlight! I’m very proud to wear them—thanks Sean, for making these.”



Cheyennes is from Paris and studies architecture.
“This shoe just exudes Aleali May’s style, I’m a fan. I love her style, the way she works, the way she thinks, the way she mixed these colours. I wear a lot of shoes, but these are my favourite. It’s as much about her—she was at House of Jumpman! Aleali is very inspiring and very empowering for women.”



Laurianne lives in Paris and works at the hospital in administration.
“This shoe is an element. It just pops. All the colours and sparkles. It’s my number one summer shoe, I reach for it ‘cause it turns heads. I love the vibe at Quai 54. We’ve got an American vibe connecting with a French and West African vibe. Just like the shoe. This shoe helps France. It puts us on the map in the sneaker scene. It’s dope.”



Maxwell is an engineer working in cyber security.
“These shoes give off power. I can’t explain it. They just do. It all comes from Virgil, he’s extra-terrestrial and makes amazing stuff. I love the innovation he brings to the sneaker game. I take these out for fashion events. And that’s Quai. It’s about basketball, of course, but it’s more than that, it’s also about streetwear, diversity, and the intersection of culture.”