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Behind the Design

Nike SB x Parra Collection

Piet Parra is no stranger to Nike. After working on highly coveted Air Max designs in the past, Parra now brings his aesthetic to the Nike SB Dunk Low and SB Blazer Low. To celebrate his first-ever Nike SB collection, the Dutch artist recently connected with Nike SB team rider Eric Koston to discuss everything from his roots in skateboarding to what inspired his take on the two Nike SB icons.

"[I got introduced to skating] in a little village, there was a square and kids were skating it … and that just got me". — Piet Parra

"[What do I miss about the late '80s/'90s?] Just being young!" — Piet Parra

"I wanted to stay true to what I would actually skate in. I kept it super-clean" — Piet Parra

"The 4D came up and I'm like 'OK, I'm going to stick with that'. Keep it super-clean". — Piet Parra

"You know how bright everything was back then. It's so great". — Piet Parra