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Nike Go

Bikershorts met hoge taille, zakken en complete ondersteuning voor dames (20 cm)

€ 64,99

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Push jezelf van begin tot eind met onze Nike Go shorts die de juiste balans tussen ondersteuning en comfort bieden. Het gestroomlijnde, halfzware InfinaLock materiaal is squatbestendig, zelfs tijdens je zwaarste work-outs. Daarnaast biedt het compressie en ondersteuning op de juiste plekken. In de verschillende zakken kun je alles meenemen wat je nodig zou kunnen hebben op de trail, in de sportschool of op de mat.

  • Weergegeven kleur: Zwart/Zwart
  • Stijl: DQ5923-010

Maat en pasvorm

  • Het model draagt maat S en is 1,80 m lang
  • Strakke, aansluitende pasvorm
  • Stevige ondersteuning: geeft een omsloten gevoel met ondersteuning waarbij beweging wordt geminimaliseerd
  • Lengte binnennaad bij benadering: 23 cm (maat S)
  • Hoge taille: valt tot of boven je natuurlijke taille voor meer bedekking
  • Valt klein, we raden je aan een maat groter te bestellen

Gratis verzending en retourneren

Gratis standaardverzending met je Nike membership.

Zo wordt het gemaakt

  • Het gerecyclede nylon in Nike producten begint als verschillende materialen, waaronder gerecycled tapijt en gebruikte visnetten. Het nylonmateriaal wordt schoongemaakt, gesorteerd en omgevormd tot vlokken en ondergaan vervolgens chemische of mechanische recyclingprocessen om nieuw, gerecycled garen van nylon te maken.
  • Kledingstukken die gebruikmaken van materialen van gerecycled nylon verminderen de CO2-uitstoot met tot wel 50% in vergelijking met nieuw nylon.
  • Lees hier meer over ons project Move to Zero, waarbij we werken aan een CO2-neutraal en afvalvrij productieproces. We willen producten ontwerpen met duurzaamheid in ons achterhoofd om zo de toekomst te beschermen van de wereld waar we wonen en spelen.

Beoordelingen (33)

4.6 Sterren

  • Versatile and high quality shorts!

    minifrenchie - 16 jan. 2023

    I have been WAITING for bike shorts this comfortable. These shorts offer "firm support" indeed, and the detail on the stitching and pockets makes it one of the most comfortable pairs of bike shorts I've ever owned. I'm amazed that they don't ride up, and they even have a waist synch just in case, which makes it ideal for running or other activities where your core is generally moving around (this prevents the short from shifting from side to side in addition to up/down). There are two pockets on each side, with one side having an extra mini zippered pocket which is great for putting an id/hotel card or keys, while there's also a back pocket because why not! (Nike clearly saw this as the end of the era where we have to carry around bags every time we want to go anywhere in leggings, which is a constant frustration of mine). There's no seam at the bottom of the leg holes, which means that there is no bunching/circulation issues which sometimes happens to me in bike shorts (I have muscular calves, so shorts sometimes are too tight just at the seam area). The material is relatively thick and luxuriously soft, which makes it good for a number of activities, including lifting weights (squat proof!) and just casually wearing them. I would probably not recommend these for yoga particularly just because of the number of pockets (I tend to find them distracting sometimes in some poses, especially with the zipper) but I would say these hold up to any type of more intensive type of physical activity. The high waist is also really well constructed and doesn't constrict me too much. Overall, I would say that these shorts are probably some of the best bike shorts I've ever come across, and I really appreciate the level and types of details the Nike team came up with when making this one.

    Product gratis ontvangen of beoordeeld als onderdeel van een prijs of een weggeefactie.
  • Nike Go Women's Firm-Support High-Waisted 8" Biker Shorts with Pockets

    kschrin - 14 jan. 2023

    I felt that the fit of the shorts were really nice, they don't squeeze your thighs or roll from the bottom. The fabric is extremely soft, pretty breathable. Waistband is thick and good compression. I think the fit of these pants runs just right. I do lift for most of my workouts, but protected my thighs while doing cardio as well. I think the design was good, they do have pockets as well, one with a zipper. The pocket without the zipper does fit your phone, but would not keep the phone there while working out. I thought the width of the compression band at the waist was good, wasn't too small or too large. I mostly enjoyed how comfortable the fabric is, it is still pretty breathable but thick enough to squat! I really enjoyed that the thigh-portion of the fabric does not roll or ride up while exercising as I experience quite frequently with other biker shorts! The only thing I would change, which I am not sure you could, would be how the waist band rolls down with movement. However, this is something I deal with frequently when I am wearing any type of compression-type pants.

    Product gratis ontvangen of beoordeeld als onderdeel van een prijs of een weggeefactie.
  • Taking Biker Shorts to a New Level

    gracie - 14 jan. 2023

    The Nike GoWomen’s Firm-Support High-Waisted Biker Shorts exceeded all my expectations. When opening the package I was skeptical if I would be able to manage pull them on. However, looks can be deceiving. Once I had them on, they felt like they were made for my body. The fit is supportive yet breathable. The fabric is thick, but also stretchy. These biker shorts give you support in all the right places, and make sure to hold it all in no matter what workout you’re conquering. Typically smaller fitting biker shorts make you feel like you can’t breathe. But I could wear these Firm-Support High-Waisted 8” Nike biker shorts to run a marathon. They are sleek, comfortable, and excellent quality. These pair nice with a big hoodie, your favorite gym shirt, or a sports bra. The best part is two deep pockets, one accompanied with an additional zipper pocket. Extremely considerate design with major benefits. These are not lightweight biker shorts, the fabric is double-lined which makes them unique to any other design. When picking out biker shorts I’m used to having to give up one quality I like for another. That isn’t the case with these shorts in the slightest. They are comfortable, durable, breathable, supportive, and best of all practical. Say no more to compromising fit over quality, or integrity versus convenience, because these shorts are here for it ALL. Sizing runs a little small, but not much. Going with my regular size gave a tight fit. These biker shorts function just as well tight, if not better. If you don’t like a more snug biker shirt, one size up would provide the give you’re looking for. No matter what fit you’re looking for, the buttery-smooth feel of this fabric with the high-waisted cut makes you feel confident and ready for any lift, run, or adventure your day will bring!

    Product gratis ontvangen of beoordeeld als onderdeel van een prijs of een weggeefactie.