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Nike Air Force 1 '07


€ 119,99

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Phantom/Light Iron Ore/Light Iron Ore
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Behoud je stijlvolle look in de Nike Air Force 1 '07, het basketbalicoon dat een nieuwe draai geeft aan je favoriete onderdelen: fris leer, opvallende kleuren en precies de juiste hoeveelheid glans zodat jij kunt schitteren.

  • Weergegeven kleur: Zwart/Zwart/Zwart/Zwart
  • Stijl: DD8959-001

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Beoordelingen (425)

4.7 Sterren

  • These are my comfort shoes

    9e33ab2b-69d0-4461-a0aa-644575607c51 - 13 sep. 2022

    About 2 years ago, I bought my first pair of Air Force 1’s by Nike. Pros: They are very durable and easy to clean They are good shoes for many activities They match with lots of outfit combinations Cons: They crease fairly easily The insides can gain little holes due to wear over time These shoes are my comfort shoes. Anywhere I go, they go with me. Whether it be football games, vacations, or even out to dinners, I wear my Air Force 1’s. Anytime I wear my Air Force 1’s, I feel more confident and happy because of how I feel in my shoes. These shoes are very user-friendly and I know many of my classmates that also have these shoes. These are the shoes for students, athletes, and anyone who wants to style them with a pair of jeans. These shoes are very high quality and comfortable, I still wear them everyday. You can buy these at most online and in-person shoe stores.

  • Best shoes I've owned

    df7f1c30-be4a-409d-93b0-c5b5e3470df4 - 05 sep. 2022

    Crazy comfortable. Really. I'm in marching band and I was able to go through 9am-5pm band camp rehearsals for 2 weeks with these, + still wear them for everyday wear to school and morning band rehearsals. Genuinely the best pair of shoes ever! Stylish and very durable. Keep them clean if you worry about that kind of stuff, or not, they're still great either way. Totes get them if you can.

  • Best shoes I’ve purchased!

    cf328904-20eb-4246-a4f6-20503e0f6e11 - 04 sep. 2022

    After a very traumatic car wreck I had a fractured dislocated talus. Months after recovery I was able to transition into a normal shoe. Every shoe hurt my foot and affected my walking. I purchased these and it’s been the best shoe for my broken ankle. I can walk decently and they’re comfortable. Forever thankful for these shoes.