Nike Design Exploration Presents:

    Explore Without Boundaries: Episode Two

    Farther Than the Future

    The second episode of Explore Without Boundaries delves deep into the science of design. Host Samuel Ross welcomes Shamees Aden and Caroline Fullerton of ISPA, and Caroline Till, co-founder of FranklinTill. They discuss biocentric design and how to work within that natural system. The Nike Sport Research Lab strives to be on the cutting edge of this science, so in the second half of the video, Ross is joined by Joanie Larose and Jacob Arnold from the NSRL team, to discuss their processes and what they're bringing to life in their new collection.

    The future of design is endless and extraordinary. The materials and processes discussed today are changing the systems of design and breaking the mould.

    Samuel Ross


    Nike Design Exploration Presents: Explore Without Boundaries – Episode Two

    What is Nike Design Exploration?

    Nike Design Exploration is a coalition pushing creativity beyond what's charted, expected or previously been discovered. NDE presents three distinct collections: ISPA, ESC and NSRL. These collections span a broad spectrum of design, but are aligned with each other on a singular mantra: Explore Without Boundaries.