Whoa! Did That Shoe Just ...?

Once you see Nike Go FlyEase do its thing, you can't unsee it. Nike's first-ever hands-free shoe makes it easy to get in and out, so you're always one step away from the rest of your world.

Behind the Design

If you could make a hands-free shoe, how would you do it? This simple question is where the Nike Go FlyEase design team started. See how they met the goals of building a shoe that changes the way we get in and out of the day.

"Diving Boards" and "Kickstands"

Good innovation turns the complex into the simple. Nike Go FlyEase works because the tensioner band and bi-stable hinge hold the shoe in a steady open position. Step down on the "diving board" to click into a locked position—ooh! Pop back up by stepping on the "kickstand" on the heel—ahh!

Dawn to Dusk

Flow with ease from inside to outside, morning to night. The colourways of Nike Go FlyEase capture the soft pastel hues of the sunrise and the bold colours of the city in the evening, so you can pair it with any look, any time.

Nike's First Hands-Free Shoe: Go FlyEase

More FlyEase Please

Making it easy to move in a new way means building shoes with all-new moves. Nike Go FlyEase is not alone. Check out the other new moves made by other FlyEase silhouettes.