How to Style a Nike Baseball Jersey

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Consider this your guide to constructing a fashionable spectator kit.

Last updated: 5 June 2023
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How to Style a Nike Baseball Jersey

Baseball is a sport designed for spectator enjoyment. Fans relish the chance to spend nine innings relaxing in the stands with a cool beverage and snack in hand on a summer afternoon.

And like basketball or football, wearing a baseball jersey is a sure way to support your favourite team from the stands. But, when you've left the stadium behind, styling your baseball jersey for every day is worth considering, too. After all, you don't have to sacrifice fashion for team spirit—one look can do both.

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For relaxed weekends or summer parties, a baseball jersey is an underrated outfit option that can add a sporty touch to your go-to outfit staples. If you feel like you've struck out on outfit ideas, consider wearing one of these looks.

Ahead, you'll see five ways you can style a baseball jersey, with fashion in mind. Feel free to break out these looks on game day for a proper spectator kit. But, don't be afraid to wear your fave team's baseball jersey for occasions beyond the baseball diamond.

These outfits will show your support in style, whether in the stands or hanging at a bar in the off-season.

How to Style a Baseball Jersey

  1. 1.Beyond Game Day

    How to Style a Nike Baseball Jersey

    If you let your gear sit at the back of your wardrobe until game day, it's time to consider how to style a baseball jersey in the off-season.

    Show your support for your favourite team by swapping your usual top for a sporty jersey. A pair of shoes that have the same colours as your jersey of choice is a simple yet eye-catching styling choice. Finish things off with a jacket for a cool touch that balances out the sportiness of a jersey.

  2. 2.Home Run Ensemble

    How to Style a Nike Baseball Jersey

    A baseball jersey doesn't just have to be for game day. Show off your style (and rep your favourite sports team) by wearing a baseball jersey as you would a button-down shirt or a light jacket.

    For summer events where a sporty-cool dress code fits the bill, make an oversized jersey look cute by throwing it on over a casual mini-dress. Trendy sneakers, like a pair of high-top Dunks, will add to the laid-back look.

  3. 3.Go Bold

    How to Style a Nike Baseball Jersey

    If your home team happens to have a jersey that comes in a distinctive colour combo (like the Oakland A's green and gold), you'll want to style your jersey in a way that lets it shine—without feeling costumey or having it clash with the rest of your ensemble.

    The key? Keep the rest of your look neutral. Think, a pair of taupe shorts, simple sunglasses and sneakers either in a similarly neutral hue or with a nod to the jersey colours.

  4. 4.Sporty Spectator

    How to Style a Nike Baseball Jersey

    Wondering how to style a baseball jersey on days when you want to keep things casual? Try using a favourite team's top as a finishing touch on a laid-back athleisure ensemble.

    Start with bike shorts and a casual tank top or longline sports bra. Then, throw the jersey on top. To finish, put on your go-to weekend sneakers, like the statement-making Air Max. Oh, and if it's sunny, don't forget to wear a hat.

  5. 5.Layered Up

    How to Style a Nike Baseball Jersey

    Don't be afraid to lean into layering. Wear a long-sleeve top (in a coordinating colour, of course) underneath your favourite jersey to support your team. On cooler days, you'll be thankful for the extra warmth from that additional top—and one with sleeves for that matter—especially if you're spectating.

    To keep the ensemble casual for every day, style with a neutral pair of cargo trousers and finish with a shoe that has a subtle pop of colour. The final effect is cohesive but not matchy-matchy.

Words by Aemilia Madden

Originally published: 24 May 2023

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