How to Clean Baseball Trousers

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Follow these simple instructions to wash baseball trousers—including tips to get them stain-free and fresh.

Last updated: 16 October 2023
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90 min
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  • Enzyme-based stain remover
  • Washing-up liquid
  • Athletic kit-specific laundry detergent


  • Scrub brush or clean, spare toothbrush

A fresh pair of baseball trousers doesn't stay crisp or white for long. After players slide into home base or lunge for a catch, their white baseball trousers will carry the proof of playing hard—often accumulating stains from grass, dirt, sweat and more.

When the game is done, the next task is to clean those baseball trousers so they'll continue to look bright inning after inning. Below, check out six simple steps to clean baseball trousers at home, including tips to remove even the most stubborn stains.

Tip: For best results (and less work), wash your baseball trousers as soon as possible. The longer sweat and stains sit, the harder they are to clean.

How to Clean Baseball Trousers

  1. 1.Pre-treat Stains Before Washing

    How to Clean Baseball Trousers in 6 Easy Steps

    In general, spot treating is the simplest way to pre-treat a stain on a pair of baseball trousers. Start by testing the spot treatment on a small, hidden area (such as the inside of the trousers) to make sure it doesn't cause discolouration.

    Not all stains on baseball trousers should be treated the same way. Grass stains, for example, should be handled differently from dirt stains.

    • For grass stains: reach for a stain remover—just check the label to make sure it's an enzyme-based solution. If you're working on a protein-based stain (like grass), the most effective products to use are enzyme-based stain removers and detergents. That's because these products have naturally occurring proteins that break down protein-based stains.

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    • For dirt stains: cleaning products that contain wetting agents—like washing-up liquid, laundry detergent or stain-removing sprays—can typically get the job done on dirt stains. Why? Wetting agents enable water to better penetrate the material you're trying to clean.

    Apply the solution to the stain, ensuring the entire stain is covered. Then soak the garment in warm water for up to an hour (the water should be no warmer than 38 degrees Celsius).

    Many Nike baseball trousers are made from 100-percent polyester and can be soaked, but it's best to avoid soaking garments that contain elastane or similar materials. Check the tag to be safe.

    After soaking the trousers, scrub the stain with a spare, clean toothbrush or scrub brush to help release dirt particles. Then, wash the baseball trousers, following the steps below.

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  2. 2.Prep the Baseball Trousers for Washing

    How to Clean Baseball Trousers in 6 Easy Steps

    Remove belts, pads and any other accessories from the baseball trousers and launder those items separately. If your baseball trousers are white, avoid washing them with coloured garments, as the colours can bleed.

    Finally, make sure you close any zips or studs before washing.

  3. 3.Configure the Washing Machine Settings

    How to Clean Baseball Trousers in 6 Easy Steps
    • Water temperature: you can use either warm or hot water, as long as the water temperature doesn't exceed 60 degrees Celsius. Check the manufacturer's specs on your washing machine if you're unsure about the temperature settings. When in doubt, opt for the warm water setting

      (Note: Water that is too hot can cause garment shrinkage and accelerate colour loss.)

    • Soil level: it's best to use a washing cycle that can tackle stained baseball trousers, like "heavily soiled".

    • Load size: even if you're washing the baseball trousers on their own, consider setting the machine to a "medium" or "large" load for the best results, as more water will ensure a more thorough cleaning and rinsing of the trousers.
  4. 4.Use Athletic Kit-specific Laundry Detergent

    How to Clean Baseball Trousers in 6 Easy Steps

    For the best results, choose a detergent with an alkaline rate below seven. While many standard laundry detergents have an alkaline rate above seven, high alkaline rates can accelerate colour loss and cause yellowing on white baseball trousers.

    To find a detergent with a lower alkaline rate, look for detergents that are made specifically for athletic kit care.

    Tip: Avoid using fabric softener on garments that contain Nike Dri-FIT materials, as it can reduce the moisture-wicking properties of the fabric.

  5. 5.Check for Remaining Stains

    How to Clean Baseball Trousers in 6 Easy Steps

    After the baseball trousers have been through the wash, check for any remaining stains before drying. Dried stains can set in the fabric and become more difficult to remove. If the fabric still shows stains after washing, repeat the process before drying the baseball trousers.

  6. 6.Hang Dry

    How to Clean Baseball Trousers in 6 Easy Steps

    Use a rust-proof hanger, such as wood or plastic, to hang-dry the baseball trousers. Allow the trousers to completely dry before putting them away.

    If you're pressed for time and need to dry the baseball trousers in the dryer, use the lowest temperature or "air only" setting. Make sure not to overload the dryer—with more room for air to circulate, the trousers will dry more effectively.

    Tip: It's best to store baseball trousers in a cool, dry area away from sunlight or fluorescent light. Light exposure can cause white nylon fabrics to turn yellow. If you choose to store baseball trousers in a cardboard box during the off-season, make sure you add a liner to prevent colour migration from the cardboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get baseball trousers white again?

To clean white baseball trousers, use oxygenated bleach, following the instructions on the label. Avoid using chlorine bleach on baseball trousers, as it can damage the trouser material.

How do I get red dirt out of white baseball trousers?

To remove red dirt from baseball trousers, pre-treat the stain with washing-up liquid, detergent or spot cleaner. Apply the cleaner to the area, soak the garment in warm water and then scrub the stain with a brush to help lift the dirt particles.

Then, wash the baseball trousers in the washing machine using warm or hot water, an athletic kit-specific detergent and the "heavily soiled" cycle. Be sure all stains are removed before hanging the baseball trousers to dry.

Can I put baseball trousers in the washing machine?

Nike baseball trousers can go in the washing machine. Set the washing machine to fill with warm or hot water (no higher than 60 degrees Celsius) and select a medium or large load size for best results. Use a laundry detergent made specifically for athletic kits and wash on the "heavily soiled" setting.

Can baseball trousers go in the dryer?

It's best to hang-dry baseball trousers on a rust-proof hanger, such as wood or plastic. If you don't have time for the trousers to hang-dry and you need to put them in the dryer, use the lowest temperature or "air only" setting.

Words by Jessica Murri

Originally published: 10 May 2023

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