Nike Romaleos 4


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Nike Romaleos 4 er designet til styrke og stabilitet og har en støttende mellemsål og en bred, flad ydersål. Justerbare stropper på mellemfoden sikrer din fod under dine mest intensee træninger.

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  • Stylenr.: CD3463-010

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Anmeldelser (42)

4.5 Stjerner

Poor craftsmanship. Proof of zero quality control.

VincentB706083065 - 09. nov. 2021

Brutal should be the 1 they deserve, but then it looks irresponsible and review doesn’t look trusted. I had glue overflow at multiple seems that were runs of overflowing glue. On the left shoe it’s from 1 inch (I measured) in front of the first strap and then it wraps all the way around the back to the other side of not just glue out the seems but then you can seem gaps where it’s not connected, so I can see what they were trying to achieve and it didn’t work. On the right shoe I have 2x 3 inch runs of glue and a few singular spots coming out the seems of the sole meets shoe. Then where it comes up on each shoe it gets on the cloth and then there’s random spots of glue on black cloth turned white. These shoes run small too, so I figured I’d just review comfort so I don’t slam them, but they they feel like I’ll be exchanging for a different. If you feel off balance when your train too much, then these will help you keep your feet flat and glued to the ground. I like my top notch shoes to also look respectable and to accept these would be insulting.

Looks dope, feels great

C P. - 07. nov. 2021

These are by far the best lifters I have ever worn. I feel extremely stable and feels like I am stepping on a platform.

True to size, for wide feet too. I’m happy.

Nafis_AT - 19. sep. 2021

Firstly let me say, I’ve used the Legacy Lifters and I wear a 10 for all shoes except converse. Secondly, my feet are wide. My arches aren’t flat and these fit snug but as snug as they’re supposed to. Weightlifting shoes are meant to he worn on the platform and meant to fit snug. While these don’t exactly break in, they do take shape of your feet after a while. Don’t size up or size down. Weightlifting shoes aren’t mean to be worn for hours for your bodybuilding workouts. They’re meant for specialized movements and I’m happy with my purchase so far. I’m glad I ordered my usual size. There is some heel slip but for those who upsize. Remember, this is coming from a wide toed guy who’s squatting everyday. I’ve used these for front squats, back squats and power cleans. I have no complaints so far. I also wear size 10 Jordans and on my Legacy Lifters.