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How to Start Running (or Get Back Into It After a Long Break)

Sport & activity

How to start running (or get back into it after a long break)

Whether you're just starting or returning to action, getting in running shape doesn't have to be a daunting process. Here are some expert tips to help you get (re)started.

How to Train for a Triathlon, According to Coaches

Sport & Activity

How To Train for a Triathlon, According to Coaches

From sample training plans to fuelling tips, experts explain all you need to know before competing in your first triathlon.

The 7 Best Yoga Poses for Beginners, According to Yoga Instructors

Sport & Activity

The 7 Best Beginner-friendly Yoga Poses, According to Yoga Instructors

Try out these beginner-friendly yoga poses that can help you strengthen and stretch your body, head to toe.

Should You Work Out If You’re Sick?

Health & Wellness

Should You Work Out If You're Ill?

Exercising when you're not feeling well can be risky—here's what experts want you to know.

The Top 9 Benefits of Running

Sport & Activity

The Top 9 Reasons to Start Running

Whether you want to boost your mood, grow your social circle, get outside or run your first race, running can offer a host of benefits outside of weight loss alone.

How to Create an At-Home Yoga Studio

Sport & Activity

Five Simple Ways to Create a Relaxing At-Home Yoga Space

Here's how to channel the relaxing and calming vibes of your go-to yoga studio in the comfort of your home.

Working Out But Not Losing Weight? Here’s Why.

Health & Wellness

5 Reasons You're Working Out But Not Seeing Results

Here are a few roadblocks you could be running into if you're putting in the work but not seeing physical results.

4 Tips on How to Exercise During Your Period

Health & Wellness

On Your Period? No Problem—Here's How You Can Crush Your Workout

When that time of the month hits, working out can lose its appeal. But getting active regulates the hormones responsible for PMS, helping you feel and function at your best.

When Do You Start Seeing Results From Working Out?

Sport & Activity

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Working Out?

Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose fat or improve endurance, these guidelines can help you monitor your progress.

How to Run Longer Without Getting Tired

Sport & Activity

Here's Exactly How You Can Run Longer Without Getting Tired

Find out what's causing you to feel fatigued a mile into your run, then, learn helpful tips on how you can boost both your physical and mental stamina.

What Are the Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health?

Health & Wellness

What Are the Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health?

Exercise can help improve your mood by helping to reduce and alleviate feelings of anxiety or stress.

How Does Exercise Reduce Stress?

Health & Wellness

How Exactly Does Exercise Reduce Stress?

Here's how physical activity can rewire your brain so that you cope with stress more effectively.

What Exactly Is a Runner’s High?

Health & Wellness

What Exactly Is a Runner's High?

Why it's normal to feel "high" after a long run.

Five Ways to Bring Yoga into Daily Life

Sport & Activity

5 Ways to Introduce Yoga Into Your Life

Whether you're a newbie to yoga or getting back into a routine, applying a daily practice can be advantageous to both your body and mind.

How to Start Running After 40

Health & Wellness

How to Start Running After 40

Start a running programme at any age to boost health and wellness.

How Yoga Can Improve Your Health, Wellness and Athletic Skills

Sport & Activity

28 Reasons to Start Doing Yoga Today

Science is finally catching up to yoga's many health benefits, from improved strength to better sleep and mood enhancement.

Diet vs. Exercise: Which is More Important for Weight Loss?

Sport & Activity

Diet vs. Exercise: Which Is More Important for Weight Loss?

Is regular exercise more important than a healthy diet? That depends on your goal. Here are the pros and cons of focusing on exercise vs. diet.

How to Breathe While Running

Sport & Activity

How to Breathe Whilst Running

Much like running itself, there's a technique to breathing whilst running. If you find yourself breathless but are physically energised, it's a sign you may need to adjust your breathing pattern.

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