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NIKE India Private Limited ("NIKE India") as an organisation is governed by its Consumer Care policy, which is standard and constant for all of its products sold in India only.

For a NIKE India product to be considered for replacement, the following criteria are to be followed:

  • The claim for replacement of the product shall be made within 6 months from the date of its purchase in India ("Warranty Period”), from any of the Nike authorised retailers with a valid invoice/bill only.
  • The issue or damage for a product claimed for replacement should be caused by manufacturing defect only and not due to mishandling of the product or normal wear and tear.


Business Days
Business Days shall mean Nike calendar days.

A Consumer shall mean and include any person or individual who has purchased a Nike product from any authorised Nike store in India.

Claim Products
Products that are claimed for replacement by a consumer purchasing any Nike product in India.

Claim Procedure
The procedure, as outlined herein below, to be followed by the consumer to claim a replacement of a Nike product.

Sale of products at a Discount which shall be offered to a consumer at a factory outlet/store or during EOSS or by a retail partner authorised by Nike.

End of Season Sale.

Manufacturing Defects
Any and all defects in production pertaining to materials and/or workmanship. Such defects include issues related to bonding, stitching, material/components failure, cosmetics and workmanship. This guarantee applies when the product is used under normal conditions and for the purpose for which the product was designed. This does not apply to normal wear and tear or damage related to alteration, accident, misuse, improper care or negligence.

Maximum Retail Price (MRP), Normal Conditions
MRP shall mean the Maximum Retail Price at which a Nike product is sold in a store which shall not include the discount offered, if any, on the products.

Nike Store
A Nike Store shall mean a store run by an authorised agent dealer or multi-brand who shall be authorised by NIKE India to conduct the business and sell Nike products for and on behalf of NIKE India.

The Nike Products shall be broadly categorised into Footwear, Apparel and Equipment and any other category which shall stand included into the existing categories by NIKE India upon introduction of such line of products in the Indian retail market.

Store authorised by NIKE India can be classified into the following three categories listed below in this policy, which shall include the mono-brand store, multi-brand store and the factory outlet/store.

  • Mono-Brand Store: The stores that exclusively sell the Nike brand of products as referred to as the Mono-Brand Stores, and the business shall be conducted by different retail partners across the country appointed by NIKE India as authorised dealers.
  • Multi-Brand Store: The stores that cater to multiple brands and shall also be selling Nike products within their stores alongside other branded products.
  • Store Purchase: Store Purchase shall mean and include a purchase made by a consumer from a store in India that sells Nike products.

Online store purchase

Online Store Purchase shall mean and include a purchase made by a consumer from a Nike authorised online retailer in India that sells Nike products.

Warranty Period
Six months from the date of purchase of the product shall be treated as a valid period to claim warranty for a product purchased in India.

Working Days/Hours
For claims, the working days and hours shall mean Monday–Friday: 10am - 1pm only.


If the claim in respect to a product (“Claim Product”) is within warranty period (6 months from the date of purchase), the retailers/stores would take all the required information, listed below against a valid claim slip and email the same to

  • Photographs of the Claim Product and the area on the Claim Product where the problem exists.
  • Clear photograph of the bill/invoice, credit or debit card statement (any proof of purchase).
  • The article number, colour code and date of manufacturing printed on the tongue of both the shoes/sandals, for apparel on the label which is attached on the inside leg, for equipment on the product.
  • It is mandatory for the retailer/stores to ask for the bill/invoice (credit card statement or debit card statement are also accepted as proof of purchase) in respect of the product purchased.

Upon receipt of the email from the consumer, NIKE Consumer Care will proceed with the Exchange/Claim process accordingly. If Nike Consumer Care is unable to process the claim on the basis of the information/photographs sent, the same will be communicated to the store/consumer by email.

  • The stores/retailers (Step 1) should send the Claim Product to Nike Consumer Care through courier at their cost (non-claimable/refundable by NIKE India) for inspection and will provide the dispatch details accordingly.
  • Upon receipt of the Claim Product sent by either the stores/retailers or consumer, the product specialist at NIKE India would inspect the same to determine if the condition of the Claim Product is due to any manufacturing defect or not. The product specialist's decision in respect of the condition of the Claim Product shall be final and confidential. Replacement process for Nike products purchased at MRP (Only if approved by NIKE India Consumer Care).
  • Upon receipt of the authorisation email from NIKE India Consumer Care for replacement of a Nike product, the consumer should carry a hard copy of the said email and the retailer/stores will allow the consumer to choose a product, from the store, of the same value of the original purchase of the Claim Product.
  • The consumer can claim his/her replacement only from the non-discounted range of products, in case a SALE is on, during the replacement process.
  • Retailers/stores should try to replace with similar products if possible (subject to availability of stocks)
  • In case of unavailability of the same/similar products there shall be no cash refund, but the consumer will be entitled to choose any other Nike product from the available stocks that's equal to or lower than the actual price paid. If the replacement value is lower, the differential amount shall not be refunded to the consumer.
  • In case the consumer chooses a replacement product that is of a higher current selling price than the actual amount paid for the Claim Product, the consumer shall have to pay the differential of the amount.
  • Stores/retailers and consumers have to ensure that the replacement process is completed within ten business days from the date of the authorisation email sent by Nike Consumer Care.
  • The consumer has to choose his/her replacement product from the available stocks/products only and cannot ask/insist for the same product. In case the same product is not available, a similar product can be offered as a replacement to the consumer. If the consumer is not willing to choose any other product from the same store as his/her replacement and the product of his/her choice is expected to be available in the next cycle of delivery of products, the authorisation of a replacement from Nike Consumer Care will remain valid for 20 business days from the date of the said authorisation email and thereafter the consumer will not be eligible for a replacement from NIKE India Pvt Ltd.
  • In the event that any Nike product is purchased by the consumer at a discounted value and not at the MRP of the product and such consumer claims for replacement of the same at a later date when such product shall not continue to be discounted, in the foregoing circumstance, the replacement shall be made only at the discounted purchase price (bill amount/invoice amount) of the product and not at the MRP of the Claim Product.


The following are classified as non-genuine claims and NIKE will not be obligated to process the claim request from the stores/retailers or the consumers:

  • If the claim product is not a genuine NIKE India product.
  • If there is any intentional damage on the said Nike product.
  • If the product is used for a purpose other than for what it is designated by Nike (stores to clearly display the category and products to the consumers).
  • If the product has been used/handled negligently.
  • If the product is subjected to harsh treatment or comes into contact with rough, sharp, abrasive or acidic material which has the potential to cause damage to any part of the product, whether the same has occurred intentionally or unintentionally.
  • If excessive wear and tear can be clearly detected on the said product.
  • If the replacement/claim is sought by the consumer more than six months after the original purchase by the consumer or more than 20 days after the receipt of the authorisation email from Nike Consumer Care.
  • If the Claim Product is not an original Nike product.
  • If the Claim Product has been purchased in any discount sale (other than in the Mono-Brand and Multi-Brand Stores) conducted at any public places (like an exhibition, wedding halls, private gatherings, street corners, roadside shops, at private office premises, schools, colleges, etc.).
  • If the Nike product is purchased at more than 20% discount on the MRP.
  • If stores/retailers or consumers claim after seven days from the billing date that the said Nike product is uncomfortable/causes pain or injury while wearing/using.
  • If the stores/retailers or consumers feel that there is a sizing issue with the said Nike product. It is clarified that all sizing and fit issues are to be sorted out between stores/retailers and consumers during the purchase itself; TRIAL WEAR is a must before billing.
  • If consumers want to exchange a Nike product which they claim to be a gift without the necessary bills, for other reasons (any exchange can be done only within the first seven days from the billing date, provided the said product is in a re-sellable and unused condition with the Nike box and Nike tag intact).
  • If the consumers want to exchange a Nike product which was purchased abroad (outside India).


Mono-Brand store purchase
All products sold through Mono-Brand Outlet stores have the same product guarantee as any other Nike product. However, any product purchased from the Mono-Brand Outlet store needs to be returned to a Mono-Brand Outlet store only. Consumers are not eligible to claim for a replacement product from any other store.

Factory Outlet store purchase
All products sold through Nike Factory Outlet stores have the same product guarantee as any other Nike product. However, any product purchased by a consumer from the Factory Outlet store needs to be returned and the claims for replacement of such products shall be made to any Factory Outlet store(s) only.

Multi-Brand store purchase
Since Nike does not have direct access to Multi-Brand store consumers, they have the same product guarantee as any other Nike product. However, any product purchased from the Multi-Brand store needs to be returned to the same Multi-Brand store only.

Online store purchase
All products sold through authorised Online partners have the same product guarantee as any other Nike product. However, any product purchased from the Online store needs to be returned to the same Online store only. Consumers are not eligible to claim for a replacement product from any other store.

Size & fit issues
The style and size chosen at a retail store is the responsibility of the consumer and the retailer from where the product was purchased. As a result, all true size and fit related return enquiries should be directed back to the retailer. Consumer Care does not accept size and fit related returns unless a known design fault exists or the product has been labelled incorrectly.

General dissatisfaction
NIKE India stands behind all of its products to be free of material and/or workmanship faults but cannot guarantee that all of its products will be 100% satisfactory to all the consumer's needs. Therefore, the responsibility for a satisfactory selection is between the consumer and the retail store. NIKE India Pvt Ltd will not entertain any such requests for refund/replacement by the retailer.

Discount issues
Please note that NIKE India works with different retail partners across the country. These retail partners are given the choice of determining the percentage of discount during our End of Season Sale or at any time. The retail partners decide the discount percentage depending on their stock, consumer patterns, store location, etc. The same is true of our factory outlets. Kindly note that the MRP of all Nike products is printed on the tags and they are the SAME for every store. However, as mentioned earlier, the percentage of discount may vary.

Gift vouchers
NIKE India does not own or directly operate stores in India; we use various retail partners to run our stores for us. All these retailers have their own version of gift vouchers; these are not NIKE India specific. Often the retailers allow the consumers to purchase any Nike product within the retailer's portfolio only (can be used in the stores mentioned in the GV only). Also, gift vouchers cannot be used/redeemed for any Nike product which is on discount/EOSS/factory outlet; it has to be used for purchase from the available stocks only.

For consumers
At Nike we do not offer any repair services and there will be no cash refund in any circumstance.

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