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If you think your product has a manufacturing defect, you can submit a product claim for purchases made at Nike stores and authorised Nike retail stores with the following photographs:

  • A picture of your product and the area you believe to have a manufacturing defect.
  • The store receipt or invoice clearly showing the purchase date, purchase location, and purchase amount.
  • The product tag on your footwear or apparel (please ensure the product number is clearly visible). For equipment claims, be sure to include a picture of the attached sticker.

After a claim is submitted, Nike will then inspect the claim to determine if the condition of the claim product is due to a manufacturing defect or not. Nike’s decision in respect of the claim product shall be final and confidential. If Nike is unable to process the claim on the basis of the information or photographs sent, the same will be communicated to the store and consumer through the same claim thread.

Upon receipt of the authorisation email from Nike for replacement of a product, the consumer should present a hard or soft copy of the email to the original place of purchase. The authorised partner will then allow the consumer to choose a product of the same or lesser purchase value of the original purchase as available at that time in the store.

In case of unavailability of the same or similar product there shall be no cash refund, but the consumer will be entitled to choose any other Nike product from the available stock that's equal to or lower than the actual price paid. If the replacement value is lower, the differential amount shall not be refunded. If the replacement value is higher than the purchase value, the consumer shall have to pay the differential of the amount.

Stores, retailers, and consumers must ensure that the replacement process is completed within 30 calendar days from the date of the authorisation email sent by Nike. After 30 calendar days, the consumer will not be eligible for a replacement from Nike.


Claims past six months from the original purchase date will not be accepted. Claims will also be rejected in the following situations:

  • Any counterfeit or non-genuine Nike products.
  • Any product missing its manufacturing tag or product sticker.
  • Any item deemed to be free of a manufacturing defect or flaw.
  • Any products that exhibit excessive wear, misuse, alteration, or wear and tear deemed to be normal.
  • Any products subjected to harsh treatment, such as contact with any sharp, rough, abrasive, or acidic materials that may cause damage, intentional or not.
  • Any product deemed by Nike to have been damaged by misuse.
  • Any product purchased from online or store retailers that are not authorised by Nike.

Products can only be exchanged due to size, fit, or style at the original place of purchase. Nike-authorised retail partners have their own respective return and exchange policies, hence please refer to your invoice or the store’s terms and conditions.


Business Days
Business days shall mean English calendar days.

A consumer shall mean and include any person, or individual, who has purchased a product from any Nike store or Nike-authorised retail partner.

Claim Procedure
The procedure, as outlined herein, to be followed by the consumer to claim a replacement of a Nike product.

Sale of products at a discount which shall be offered to a consumer at a Nike factory store or Nike authorised store, physical and online.

Manufacturing Defects
Any and all defects in production pertaining to materials or workmanship. Such defects include issues related to bonding, stitching, material or components failure, cosmetics, and workmanship. This guarantee applies when the product is used under normal conditions and for the purpose for which the product was designed. This does not apply to normal wear and tear or damage related to alteration, accident, misuse, improper care, or negligence.

Maximum Retail Price (MRP), Normal Conditions
MRP shall mean the maximum retail price at which a Nike product is sold which shall not include the discount offered, if any, on the products.

The Nike products shall be broadly categorized into footwear, apparel, equipment, and any other category which shall stand included into the existing categories by Nike upon introduction of such line of products in the Indian retail market.
Stores authorised by Nike can be classified into the following three categories listed below in this policy, which shall include the mono-brand store, multi-brand store, and the factory outlet store.

  • Mono-brand Store
    Stores exclusively selling Nike-branded products are referred to as the mono-brand stores, and the business shall be conducted by different retail partners across the country appointed by Nike as authorised partners.
  • Multi-brand Store
    The stores that cater to multiple brands and shall also be selling Nike products within their stores alongside other branded products.
  • Online store purchase
    Online store purchase shall mean and include a purchase made by a consumer from a Nike authorised online retailer in India that sells Nike product. Authorised online retailers include:

Warranty Period
Six months from the date of purchase of the product shall be treated as a valid period to claim warranty for a product purchased in India.

Contact Us
We can be reached toll-free for product claim questions at 000 800 919 0566.

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