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Prioritise Yourself First

By Ryan Flaherty

Prioritise Yourself First

Learning how to take care of yourself, no matter what, has never been more crucial than now.

We all have time to take care of ourselves. For some people, what gets in the way is prioritising other things over exercise, like spending time on their phones. Are you telling me, if we took a hard look at your day, you couldn't collect 20, 30 or 40 minutes from Instagram, Facebook, texting, Internet browsing or other random moments where you're distracted and kind of off task?

So, when you're thinking about what's preventing you from exercise, rather than saying "I don't have time", try saying "I'm not prioritising exercise". With that, you can take back the power and alter how you spend your time to make exercise a priority. To do that, your time spent working out has to be non-negotiable for you. Before you say that you can't prioritise exercise, that you have to prioritise your work or your kids first, know this: You're doing everyone a disservice by not taking care of yourself. Exercise is proven to have both mental and physical benefits, and those make you a better employee and a better parent. They help to make you the best version of yourself.

To truly change your patterns and change your life, you have to love yourself enough to make the decision to prioritise self-care. Try saying to yourself: "I matter. I'm worth it. Today, I'm going to take the time I usually spend browsing Instagram and spend it exercising". In the long run, that's going to bring you more fulfilment than finding out whatever your old colleague or a pop star is doing that day. Make the commitment that tomorrow, you're going to cut out that distracted phone time and prioritise your exercise instead. You deserve it.

Prioritise Yourself First

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