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Air Force 1: The Documentary

Over the coming weeks, we’re bringing you eight exclusive excerpts from the never-released ‘Air Force 1’ documentary by acclaimed director Thibaut de Longeville.
First up, we focus on the creation of the AF-1 in 1982 and how it was first worn on the hardwood by a cast of powerful players including legendary Philadelphia Sixers center Moses Malone who led the team to the title in the 82 -83 season while wearing the shoe, turning it into a symbol of victory on the streets of Philadelphia.
Keep your eyes peeled for Episode 2 coming soon.

Trailblazing filmmaker

10 years ago, filmmaker Thibaut de Longeville—the acclaimed director of ‘Just For Kicks’—created a feature film entirely dedicated to Nike’s most iconic basketball shoe, the Air Force 1. Narrated by legendary rap artist KRS-One and featuring personalities such as Bobbito Garcia, DJ Clark Kent, Futura, Stash and T.I., the film explores how this innovative basketball shoe has become a cultural icon transcending the world of sports, design, music, fashion and global pop culture.

Director’s Note

“My first documentary ‘Just For Kicks’ already featured a segment presenting the Air Force 1 as a cultural phenomenon. While making ‘Just For Kicks’, I realized there was so much more that could be said about the Air Force 1 that you could almost make a whole film focusing only on its incredible story. A few years later, I was actually invited to do it.”