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Nearly three decades ago, Nike International was born as an unofficial organization of track and field athletes. Spanning all across the globe, the organization's athletes sported tracksuits and footwear that epitomized Nike International.
The club was recognized with a simple badge. The badge was prominent, utilized on apparel and footwear now heralded by collectors across the globe. Among the original Nike International family are the Air Pegasus, Air Flow and the Air Max Light.
The Nike Air Pegasus helped kick off the Nike International movement, making a name for itself with a lightweight suede and neoprene build. The icon was introduced in true Nike International fashion alongside a matching tracksuit bearing Nike International branding from head to toe.
The Nike Air Max Light was also prominent in the Nike International family, introduced alongside matching Nike International apparel. Two colorways were introduced, including both a blue-based and red-based design, each bearing iconic Nike International logos.
While launched in 1988, the Nike Air Flow also made its way into the Nike International family. Included in several print ads created to introduce the new collection, the Air Flow was appreciated by runners for its breathability, flexibility and all around lightweight build.
Looking back, the Nike International badge represented more than just the latest line of footwear and apparel. It ignited a sense of unity and pride that’s still alive in run clubs across the globe.
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