10 Volleyball Essentials to Add to Your Gym Bag

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The top Nike volleyball accessories, equipment, shoes and apparel are designed to help players level up their game.

Last updated: 9 November 2022
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The Best Volleyball Gear and Equipment to Add to Your Checklist

If you're looking to refresh your volleyball equipment or gift some new gear to a volleyball player, the Nike volleyball collection has the apparel, shoes, accessories and equipment to set players up for success.

(Never played volleyball before? Here's a run-down of all the positions on the volleyball court to get you started).

The most essential piece of equipment for a game of volleyball is the ball itself, but there are other high-performance items designed to elevate an athlete's game, like protective knee pads, and volleyball shoes optimised to perform on hard courts.

Check out the ultimate Nike volleyball gear checklist to level up every game.

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10 Nike Gear Essentials for Volleyball Players

1. Knee Pads

When diving for balls on a hard court, it's important to make sure the knees are protected. Nike volleyball knee pads provide high-density, dual-layer foam to cushion against impact, while also wicking away sweat with breathable, open-knit fabric.

2. Volleyball Shoes

Grippy shoes are a volleyball essential that help support players' bodies while pivoting, diving and jumping during play. Volleyball-specific Nike shoes, like the Nike Zoom HyperAce 2, feature a heel cage for added stability and a rubber tread for responsive grip and traction underfoot.

3. Slides

Once an intense volleyball match is over, slip on a pair of slides to let the feet breathe and relax. Nike slides provide responsive foam cushioning for a plush sensation that helps support athletes' recovery after a hard effort.

4. Volleyball Shorts

Short, compressive bottoms—like the Nike Pro 3 inch (8cm approx.) shorts—are a volleyball wardrobe staple. The best Nike shorts for volleyball provide a body-hugging feel, moisture-wicking benefits and a wide, elastic waistband that feels supportive around the core.

5. Supportive Sports Bra

Volleyball is a fast-moving and high-intensity activity, so it calls for a medium- to high-support sports bra for players who want to minimise breast movement throughout play.

For a snug fit and adequate support (plus padded and non-padded options) check out the Nike Swoosh bra collection. Or, check out the high-support Nike Alpha bra collection for styles with thick, adjustable straps and moulded cups.

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6. Short-Sleeve Top or Tank

In the thick of a match, a short-sleeve, sweat-wicking top helps keep the body cool and dry, so players can focus on the game. Or, if you prefer less fabric and don't want sleeves getting in the way of your serve, opt for a tank top. Nike offers both compressive and loose-fitting tops made from breathable fabrics that feel smooth against the skin.

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7. Duffel Bag

To haul all the essential gear to and from training, volleyball players can benefit from a roomy duffel bag with plenty of storage space. Some styles come with a specific compartment for footwear, so you can stash your volleyball shoes in the bag once you're ready to slip on your slides after a game.

8. Hair Accessories

Nike hair bows, hairbands and scrunchies help keep players' hair out of their face during sweaty matches. Plus, for players who wear a kit but like to express their style on the court, a unique hair accessory can be a fun way to make a statement. Choose from several different hair-accessory styles and prints in the Nike volleyball collection.

9. Sunglasses

For beach and outdoor volleyball players, a high-quality pair of sunglasses is essential. Not only do they help block the glare of the sun and protect the eyes, but Nike sport sunglasses are also designed to stay in place throughout play.

10. Volleyball and Ball Pump

Nike offers volleyballs designed for both outdoor and indoor play, each featuring 18 panels for optimal spin. Playing with a flat volleyball can be no fun, so make sure you have a ball pump on hand to keep the ball firm and ready for play.

Words by Emily Shiffer

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