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Air Max 1

On-Air: Tokyo
NOK 1,399.00

Takuman chose the Air Max 1 and based his design on Tokyo's maze-like, urban labyrinth, as well as the iconic Tokyo Tower. "I was born in Kagoshima City, and Tokyo was the place I dreamt of visiting", he says. "I came to Tokyo when I was 18. At first, I was impressed by the trains. I realised that these tube lines stretch deep underground".

When Takuman came to Nike WHQ, he was happy to see and touch his first sample. "My first reaction was, 'This is perfect'", he remembers. "When I walked around the corner and saw the sample on the table, I got goosebumps. I still have them".

Like other 'On Air' winners, Takuman wanted the shoe to reflect the people who make his city special. "There are so many people living in Tokyo", he says. "I realised the labyrinth is also Tokyo itself, not just its trains. I got to this city from my passion, and I want other people to know that they can achieve this, too".

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