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Slam Jam's story is one of entrepreneurial inspiration and humble beginnings. Its origins can be traced back to Ferrara, a serene city and commune in northern Italy, where its founder Luca Benini cultivated his passion for subcultures.

"My interest in street culture comes from music. In 1986, when the Beastie Boys released ‘Licensed to Ill’, that opened up my eyes completely. It was a real connection between who I was, and what the evolution was going to be."
Informed and inspired by newfangled sounds, aesthetics, energies and attitudes, he began to explore ways to introduce and share these exciting movements. With great vision, intuition and perseverance, Benini seized the opportunity to establish something special and meaningful for generations to come.

Fast forward to the present, Slam Jam is now globally recognised as a pioneer in the fields of distribution, retail and community building—an object lesson in how to connect, grow and diversify in an independent and authentic way. The Slam Jam retail spaces in Milan and Ferrara are both tastefully blended concoctions of high design, thoughtfully curated goods and expert knowledge, offering an immersive retail experience.

To further expand creative horizons, Slam Jam has initiated Spazio Maiocchi: a beautifully renovated and repurposed space in central Milan where art, design and fashion blend to shape new cultural experiences.

Three decades in, Slam Jam continues to follow its own path, celebrating and pushing culture forward the Slam Jam way. When asked about future plans, Benini keeps it true: "I’m only answering this question with one word, and that word is ‘independence’."
Billboard by Nick Sethi for 'Coming of Age' at Spazio Maiocchi, Milan (IT).