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Noir/Blanc/Rouge université

Le step-back a été la source d'inspiration de la Jordan Zoom Separate : un modèle léger à la coupe basse, conçu pour vous aider à prendre le contrôle du terrain. L'amorti est plus ferme à l'extérieur du pied et plus souple à l'intérieur, pour vous permettre de vous appuyer fortement sur le sol lorsque vous vous inclinez pour changer de direction. L'unité Zoom Air vous aide à vous détacher du défenseur pour avoir une vue bien dégagée sur le panier.

  • Couleur affichée : Bleu marine nuit/Bleu coureur/Blanc/Vert électrique
  • Article : DH0249-400

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  • Jordan Made!

    Jordan Zoom - 10 avr. 2022

    I liked the traction and support it had overall throughout the shoe I wasn’t sliding up and down the court and my feet were not in pain after multiple hours of play the design of the shoe isn’t the best but maybe with better color ways it would look better!

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  • Nice J’s

    J’s for days - 08 avr. 2022

    Pretty comfortable shoes, but they definitely run a little big. I have already received lots of compliments on these shoes, and I think they look very slick! I even like this color way better than the ones I found in Foot Locker. Highly recommended!

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  • Rick's Review: Jordan Zoom Separate Shoe

    Rick - 08 avr. 2022

    The fit of the shoe was really nice and was definitely true to size. However, I did feel a bit of discomfort on my right ankle because of the stiff ankle support (Not sure if I needed to break them in a bit more but this issue continued after a couple of uses). I like the color way very much, the laces definitely made the red pop out. I was torn between the fabric material I like it but I don't think it is practical in the event of someone landing on your foot. I don't think it is a shoe you could wear all day but definitely when you're playing basketball. What I like the most about the shoes was the excellent reaction at the front of my foot. I felt very springy, bouncy, and it was very comfortable when jumping and landing while playing basketball. I mostly play on my toes while I'm driving in so I definitely liked how natural it felt. I didn't like the grip of the sneaker I found myself slipping (Important to note the ground was slightly dusty. I can see if the grip was to wear out it could pose a problem for outdoor courts.) Overall, I think it is definitely a comfortable indoor basketball sneaker it's very reactive to the front of your foot as well.

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