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Outside the labels, titles and norms that society prescribes us, there’s freedom.


 Chameleonic pop-star-meets fashion-icon, G-Dragon finds freedom in his refusal to be categorized.


 He inspires a generation to see no boundaries.

To find "Freedom in Flow."


 We partnered with our NBHD partners across South East Asia and India to spotlight four rule breakers and risk takers to see how they style their Nike Kwondo1 & what "Freedom in Flow" means to them.


Fashion Designer & Illustrator, India (@parambanana)

As an androgynous gender breaker, I create art that encourages you to develop opinions about topics that were previously considered taboo.


 "Freedom in Flow" is very similar to how I view my personal style: I try to push one leaf at a time. The borders of fashion, where clothing separates into menswear and womenswear, is what I actually try and diffuse with my clothes and what I choose to wear. It comes across as quite a shock and not masculine from time to time, but that’s the fun part about it!

I love the all-white treatment on these shoes. I love the detailing in terms of the flower embroidery on the back heels. Overall, I love the material selection which makes it feel super luxe. The design creates a beautiful juxtaposition between the formal and informal.


Actor, Thailand (@jamyjamess)

G-Dragon is one of my favorite artists of all time. I really like his style especially in this project, the concept of “Freedom in Flow”, which makes it much more meaningful to me. It’s almost my life motto. My personal style is quite gender-neutral and I feel the most free when I am able to express myself through my style and my art (acting).

I love the detail of the Peaceminusone logo on the removable flap and the wing tips. I feel like the design and concept of this silhouette really represent the word “freedom” because I’ve never seen a sneaker that you could wear as a dress shoe for formal events – it's defies the conventional definition of what a sneaker should look like.


Model, Indonesia (@rantikusumaa)

To me, "Freedom in Flow" means being the authentic version of myself, whether society approves or not. What I love about G-Dragon is “Beauty is not only related to feminine cause beauty means more than that. It is about who you truly are and how you project it to the world.”

The design is really unexpected! A combination of formal and informal design. Especially the Peaceminusone detail on the tip of the shoelaces.


Artist, Philippines (@yeokaa)

As a full time artist, "Freedom in Flow" for me means being true to myself by doing what I want to and expressing myself the way I want to, knowing that not everybody will agree with me.

I’d style the Kwondo1 with my favorite local brands. Nowadays I prefer comfort over everything. I’d definitely go oversized paired with something warm and a good pair of bleached jeans.

The Nike Kwondo1 is launching on 3rd December, 2021.
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