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You Can’t Stop US

It's not as simple as a moment of boastful pride or a shallow victory.

It's because in that moment, we saw and felt the impossible made possible. It is because of the inspiring nature of what we humans are capable of when we don't give up.

We've all been underestimated and counted out at some point. We've all felt overpowered by someone or something that at that moment felt much stronger than us.

It could have been a tougher opponent, a nasty hill or a ruptured Achilles. But whatever it was, in those moments we felt like it was all over, and so did everyone else. But we didn't give up, we didn't quit and because of that, things started to change, and then, to faith's surprise, we were on top again.

That's why sports will always remind us we can make it back. No matter how deep down we fall. Again and again and again, sports will prove to us that we can make it back from anything. Back from injury, back from loss, back from 3–1, 6–1 or 3–28, back from everyone thinking we were history.

And that's why comebacks have a way of leaving a mark on us all. We hold onto them and bring them out when we need it most. And that is right now. And even if right now there isn't a trophy or championship to win, there is something much bigger to come back from and to.

Now more than ever, we need to see ourselves in sporting comebacks and remember that there is nothing we are not capable of.

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