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Inside the Vault

Since 2006, Nike has been launching a series of sneaker collaborations with CLOT, the brainchild of Edison Chen and Kevin Poon. Through their bold and highly creative designs, CLOT has demonstrated their deep exploration and thinking into the origins of their own culture. At the same time, Nike has continued to show their respect and support towards different cultures of the world. The collaboration of these two brands has led to the bridging of sneaker cultures of the East and West.

Air Max 1 'Kiss of Death'

The Air Max 1 'Kiss of Death' is Nike and CLOT's very first collaboration sneaker. Designers from both sides took inspiration from Chinese acupuncture, a highly significant cultural icon, and applied it to the Air Max 1 silhouette. Its bold toe box design is constructed from the transparent plastic, giving an unobscured view into the insoles that feature the feet's pressure points. Additionally, encased inside the transparent outsoles are images that depict a pair of human feet. The 2006 'Kiss of Death' marks the beginning of an exploratory journey into Chinese traditional culture for these two brands.

Air Max 1 "Kiss of Death 2"

In 2013, picking off from the foundation of the first-generation 'Kiss of Death', the then groundbreaking Nike Hyperfuse technology was brought in to construct the uppers of the collaboration sequel with improved ventilation and functionality. Also, the transparent outsoles were updated with a more vivid rendition of the human feet. Preserving the design elements of the original 'Kiss of Death' and extending the concept of "Scrolls" in its shoebox design, this iconic collaboration was reborn with the latest technology.

Air Jordan XIII Low 'Terracotta'

Jordan Brand and CLOT collaborated for the first time in 2018 and released the eye-popping Jordan XIII Low 'Terracotta'. Its inspiration hails from one of China's most important cultural relics—the Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor of China. Applying a re-tooled stitching and padding technique on premium suede, the 2000 year-old plated armour worn by the Terracotta Army was recreated on the Air Jordan XIII. Accented with metallic gold CLOT and Jumpman logos on the tongue and heel, an oriental battle gear of antiquity makes its return to the modern-day basketball arena.

Air Force 1 '1World'

The Air Force 1 has a deep influence on the global sneaker culture as well as CLOT. In 2009, this classic silhouette looked to silk, the key commodity that connected ancient worlds of the East and West, for its design inspiration and the Nike x CLOT '1World' Air Force 1 was released. In order to make a grand display of its unique black leather upper featuring laser-engraved silk patterns, this sneaker features a secondary layer made from silk that can be cut to expose the leather underneath. Housed in an iconic Chinese New Year gift box, the two brands have once again paid homage to the traditional culture of the East.

Air Force 1 'Silk'

As the Air Force 1 celebrated its 35th year, Nike and CLOT created a new silk-inspired design that is based on a classic all-white colourway. The 'White Silk' inherited the same dual upper design as its predecessor the 'Red Silk'. Peeling off the top white silk layer exposes traditional Chinese imagery that signify luck, happiness and prosperity. With the 'White Silk', CLOT hopes to be the voice that represents the energy of the East on the global stage.

Air Force 1 'Royal University Blue Silk'

In 2019, inspired by the traditional Chinese concept of Yin and Yang, the NIKE x CLOT 'Royal University Blue Silk' Air Force 1 is conceived. The sneaker's upper continues the same silk embroidery legacy as its predecessors, this time pairing a distinct blue silk against leather in a contrast of materials; the outer and inner layers complementing each other to accentuate the shoe's full beauty. With this third collaboration, the 'Silk' collection has established itself as a favourite amongst the sneaker community in China as well as the rest of the world. Like ancient silk, this sneaker has become the new connector of the East and West.

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