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The Berlin Department

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The Berlin Department is a design curriculum: classes, workshops that are hosted by NIKE designers and friends of the brand. The purpose of the NIKE ON AIR experience is to support the Berlin’s young design community. The attendees spent time listening to insights from Nike Global Design Team and friends of the brand - and got put through the paces in the ON AIR workshop - creating, making and cooking up their own sneaker concepts. This episode of Access All Areas takes you behind the scenes for an exclusive look at what went down in Berlin.

Errolson Hugh, co-founder of ACRONYM, is a frequent Nike collaborator - from his perspective seeing young designers doing new and unexpected things within the existing infrastructure available to them is critical part of wider design culture. Nike Senior Design Director Devon Mckinney supervised a boot camp style “101” on the core process that Nike designers go through when developing new sneaker concepts, drawing from his wealth of experience to support the attendees.

Each participant brought their own references, inspirations and perspectives to the table - and had access to a range of tools, materials and design machinery to bring their own sneaker designs to life with the help of the NIKE ON AIR team.

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