Nike Goalkeeper Match

Футбольные перчатки

1 590 ₽
Распродано:Этот товар в настоящее время недоступен

Футбольные перчатки Nike Goalkeeper Match дополнены пеноматериалом для амортизации и гладкой поверхностью для сцепления с мячом в любых погодных условиях.

  • Цвет модели: Белый/Черный
  • Модель: GS3882-100

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Decent Gloves

AddrianM840743301 - 03 дек. 2020 г.

I gave it to my goalkeeper, it looks good on hands. The grip was good and impact of the ball didn’t hurt. The only problem I had was with the padding, I thought there would be more all around. They are also durable. It does the job if your in need of gloves for that price really quick.

AndrewC376678836 - 20 сент. 2019 г.

Broke in 2 days of use