Serena Design Crew

Женская теннисная футболка с принтом

3 499 ₽

Эффектный дизайн футболки Serena Design Crew создан в честь выдающихся достижений Серены в теннисе и за пределами корта.Конструкция с бретелями украшена зигзагообразным рисунком, напоминающим ткань кенте и дополненным буквой «S» в честь Серены.

  • Цвет модели: Черный/Черный
  • Модель: DD3870-010

Размер и посадка

  • На модели размер S (рост 178 см)
  • Стандартный крой для удобной свободной посадки

Бесплатная доставка и возврат

Бесплатная стандартная доставка при заказе на сумму от 7 500 pyб.

  • Доставка может занять больше времени. Узнайте примерную дату доставки при оформлении заказа.
  • Заказ можно вернуть по любой причине в течение 60 дней — это бесплатно.

Отзывы (21)

3.8 Звёзд

Cute but runs a bit big

SnickySnax - 24 нояб. 2021 г.

This is probably the first time I bought a sports bra where it actually was too big for me. I am pretty large-chested, and I have always tried to buy sports bras using the brand's sizing charts and they ALWAYS are too small. This time I went with an XL, which is what I select when purchasing shirts, and it was actually a little big! The chest area actually fit pretty well, but right around the armpits, or what would probably be the band area in bra sizing, it was just a little too wide for me. Since I didn't plan on wearing this to work out while doing anything high impact, and it's genuinely super comfy, I have basically just been using it as a sporty crop top and be pretty darn happy with it! Do I think it would work for me if I was actually out on a tennis court running and bouning around? No. There's VERY little compression and I think my girls would be slapping me in the face. Do I think it is super cute, comfy, and great for lower impact workouts where you want something that will keep you cool and not need adjusting every 3 secnds? ABSOLUTELY! Overall I think your level of happiness with this product will rely on fit and your intended use,

Отзыв составлен на товар, полученный бесплатно, в рамках розыгрыша товаров или по программе раннего доступа к ним.

Surprisingly Comfortable

Ginger314 - 23 нояб. 2021 г.

I was pleasantly surprised with this top. Normally, I don't like tops that are tight; they feel too constricting. However, this top was really comfortable and was tight enough without feeling too tight. The fabric is really silky and smooth and didn't cause me to get too hot. The top stayed in place while moving around. Neither the bottom band, nor the straps moved a lot or rolled up. I really loved the whole overall design - the pattern, the color, the straps. Overall, I'm really happy with this top and would definitely get more in the future.

Отзыв составлен на товар, полученный бесплатно, в рамках розыгрыша товаров или по программе раннего доступа к ним.

Very uncomfortable

Aoq08 - 23 нояб. 2021 г.

I wanted to love this sports bra so bad but it is super uncomfortable. I loved the fabric it’s soft and silky, has good stretch but I did not like the straps. The far right strap was not comfortable. Kept felt like it was falling off. I tried a large and it fit perfect but the band was a little tight while all of the other fabric fit perfect and felt super comfortable. I was only able to try it on, was not able to wear longer than that due to the fact that the straps were super uncomfortable, felt like it was falling off my shoulder but wouldn’t pull up any further. Mostly the one on the far right that had crisscrossed with the one next to it. I absolutely loved the orange color! My least favorite feature has to be the straps. Super disappointed in this bra.

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