Рюкзак для тренинга

Nike Utility Elite

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5 999 ₽
Sandalwood/Sandalwood/Enigma Stone
Light Orewood Brown/Light Orewood Brown/Enigma Stone
Черный/Черный/Enigma Stone
Распродано:В настоящее время данная расцветка недоступна

Рюкзак Nike Utility Elite позволяет аккуратно и организованно хранить экипировку при перемещениях по городу. Мягкие лямки обеспечивают комфорт, а благодаря широкому отверстию можно легко добраться до необходимых предметов.

  • Цвет модели: Light Orewood Brown/Light Orewood Brown/Enigma Stone
  • Модель: CK2656-104

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Отзывы (6)

5 Звёзд

Best backpack I’ve had!!!!

P I. - 19 июл. 2021 г.

The backpack is great! I’ve had it for just about a week and have used it significantly, I have a newborn and a 4 year old, I’m a photographer and constantly on the move and this backpack is spacious enough for me to carry all my essentials and more! Would recommend it to anyone! The only think I’m not happy with on the backpack is the main zipper to the large compartment, this backpack uses a larger size zipper for the bigger compartment and it isn’t great…gets stuck and you have to find it’s groove for it to open…not as smooth as the smaller pockets, almost feels like it will break after a while because of it, but we will see Overall a great backpack and would recommend it! 👍🏽

C L. - 16 июн. 2021 г.

Loved it instantly large room for multi use shoes and clothes and drinks and gadgets if you travel with lots of gear do recommend

Read agreed so I wrote while standing at the gate waiting on my delayed flight

Fettish4Kicks76 - 06 июн. 2021 г.

Writing this review bc I needed to check dimensions of bag for my flight and I read the other 5 reviews. SPOT ON! Every review said similar and different functions of this large backpack. I only use it for travel. No need for a carry-on for a weekend. Get rid of that killing one shoulder duffel bag. All the pockets and stash pockets you can fit almost everything that I would carry in my pant/short pockets. I have the tan color. It sold out on Nike so I was fortunate to get it from another athletic apparel store. I don’t know if I found a fold down pocket the first reviewer mentioned. When I get to my destination I’m going to look to see where it is. All I can say is get you one if you can afford it. I have a lot of backpacks and this is the best one. It gave what it was supposed to give, mad storage and small compartments. I only have my wallet and phone in my pocket bc I’m in an airport.