Nike Juniper Trail

Мужская обувь для трейлраннинга

5 680 ₽
6 999 ₽
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Thunder Blue/Dark Pony/Черный/Melon Tint
Off Noir/Черный/Чистая платина/Dark Sulfur
Черный/Dark Smoke Grey/Grey Fog/Белый

Кроссовки Nike Juniper Trail обеспечивают оптимальный комфорт во время пробежек по бездорожью.Они идеальны для скалистых маршрутов, так как помогают полностью сконцентрироваться на пути перед собой.Надежная система сцепления и легкая конструкция позволяют продолжать движение на сложных типах поверхности.

  • Цвет модели: Thunder Blue/Dark Pony/Черный/Melon Tint
  • Модель: CW3808-401

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Отзывы (63)

4.4 Звёзд

Poor crossover

N E. - 03 окт. 2021 г.

Having worn ACG boots and other trail shoes these don’t make the grade for either, nor do they hold the space between. Odd fit coupled with poor sole for trail and off road, you may as well buy running shoes which have better cushion and support. Sorry!

Brilliant shoe

A L. - 01 окт. 2021 г.

Highly recommend these trail shoes, very comfortable and brilliantly cushioned . Size fits well . Already done 2 fourteen milers in them and had no need to break them in . Excellent all round .

Cheap & Cheerful for a Short While

phili446930694 - 01 авг. 2021 г.

These are ok, true to size, run okay off road but slippy (in the dry and wet) on concrete and tarmac, nit very waterproof Quality is questionable as after only 160k the inside heal support split and hard plastic stuck in in foot, and on the front part (same shoe) just below the shoelace (left side) where the foot bends the webbing split very early on. All in all bit poor! Zoom Terra is much better